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Nov 09, 2011, 07:47 pm

Serhiy Vlasenko: appeal hearing set for December 13

pr_b0643.jpgYulia Tymoshenko’s defense has received official notice that the preliminary hearing in the appeal of her conviction will take place on December 13 at the Kyiv Court of Appeals.

"According to the information received by the defense from the Pechersk District Court, because it is the Pechersk District Court that determines the time and date of the appeal, the appeal will be heard on December 13 at 11 am," Serhiy Vlasenko told journalists after his meeting with Yulia Tymoshenko in prison today.

According to him, the names of the presiding judges is unknown. "The information we have is rather strange. Specifically so as not to select judges using the computer system, by order of the chief judge, the judges of the criminal chambers have been assigned to the district courts. In other words, the computer will not choose judges from the full list of the criminal chamber, but only those that by order of the chief judge are assigned to the Pechersk District Court. And they’ve been assigned to the Pechersk District Court not based on their qualifications, but based only on the wishes of the chief judge," he said.

Vlasenko added that tomorrow, November 9, he will file a deputy request to the head of the Kyiv Court of Appeals for information regarding the appointment of judges that will hear Yulia Tymoshenko’s case.

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