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Aug 05, 2011, 12:57 pm

Prosecutors again demand that Yulia Tymoshenko be arrested

pr_a9178.jpgThe state prosecution has entered a motion with the court to change the restrictive measure against Yulia Tymoshenko from a travel ban to arrest.

"I am stating the request to change the restrictive measure against the defendant from a travel ban to arrest because the defendant with her behavior is preventing the establishment of the truth," prosecutor Liliya Frolova said today in court.

"Better to shoot me right away, give her a gun," Yulia Tymoshenko said.

The request was made after a heated debate between Yulia Tymoshenko and Mykola Azarov.

Judge Rodion Kireyev has continued questioning the witness, saying that he will consider the request later.

The prosecution made its first request to arrest Yulia Tymoshenko on July 27, which the judge rejected.

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