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Feb 13, 2010, 08:25 pm

Yulia Tymoshenko’s appeal to the people

pr_a3641.jpgGood evening!

The second round of the presidential election is over, and I want to bow to all those who supported me in this difficult time with their trust, love, vote, with you work in campaign offices and at the polling stations, with your work for a dignified life. I also bow to all those who in this difficult time prayed for Ukraine and our victory. And don’t doubt that we won!

But our opponents, like in 2004, showed their unwillingness to be elected by fair and democratic rules. They were well aware that they didn’t have a chance of winning the support of a majority of people in a legal way.

We didn’t lose a single moment. We have spent every day and night since election day doing difficult legal work. We have been collecting information from witnesses, processing documents, and working with lawyers. And today I can firmly say that the election in Ukraine was falsified. This is no longer a political declaration, but a clear legal assessment made by lawyers.

I’ll provide just one example, and everything will be clear. We succeeded through a court ruling to conduct a recount at polling stations in the Crimea and were shocked by the fact that at every polling station, without exception, it was legally proven that 3 to 8% of the votes were rigged in favor of Yanukovych.

Throughout Ukraine, more than one million votes may have been falsified using various techniques. These votes are enough for our common victory. My belief that we need to fight is also supported by recent statements by individual observers from the OSCE. They have expressed their willingness to appear in the courts on our side with videos and their assessment that there was systematic fraud during the election in Ukraine.

I understand that you are tired of the fierce political battles, and I also want stability and peace in our country. But if we don’t defend democracy and the right to an honest choice, then tomorrow we will wake up in a different country, where dictatorship and lawlessness reign. For the sake of our country’s future, I ask you to understand and support me. This isn’t just a cause for me, but for all honest people – to defend our freedom.

Given all the evidence, I made the only possible decision – to challenge the results of the election in the court. I will defend our country and our choice on the basis of legal arguments.

I know very well, just like you do, the quality of our courts. But at the same time, my responsibility before you and our country requires me to fight for justice. Not going to court today would mean surrendering Ukraine to criminals without a fight.

I will not be gathering people in squares, and won’t tolerate civil confrontation. Ukraine, as never before, needs stability and peace.

And that is why we will act only in legal ways and only in the courts.

I want to clearly state: Yanukovych is not our President. And no matter how the situation unfolds, he will never become the legitimately elected President of Ukraine.

I remain an optimist and want to believe that for the judges who will hear this case this will be a matter of honor and protecting the law and your rights.

Something else motivates me to go to court. Even before the final results of the election were announced, Yanukovych issued a number of harshly anti-Ukrainian statements that directly contradict Ukraine’s national interests. And this is only the beginning.

A glaring example of their dishonestly was the recent vote by the Party of Regions against their own law to increase social standards, which all of Yanukovych’s campaign PR was based on.

That’s why I’m ready and able to fight. I want to let you know that I will do everything possible to defend you, your children and our country. And therefore I ask for your understanding and support in this difficult path. I was and remain with you.

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