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Sep 09, 2010, 02:12 pm

Open letter from Yulia Tymoshenko to Viktor Yanukovych regarding the seizure of Batkivshchyna Party offices

pr_b0032.jpgMr. Yanukovych,

I decided to write you an open letter to publicly demonstrate the contradictions between your words and deeds. Let me start by recalling two statements you made.

The first was made during the opening of the VII session of the Verkhovna Rada:

"Soon, on October 31, local elections will be held. I am interested that they were transparent and honest like no one else. And I think that if we make them so together, thus we will make another step in building a democratic state that will continue to evolve, and will be respected in the world." (

The second statement you made during a meeting with German President Christian Wulff. You assured him that you would "pay enough attention to democratic processes in Ukraine for them to gain momentum." You spoke in particular about preparations for local elections in Ukraine – that this will be the first test for the new government. "I am interested that these elections were transparent and democratic like no one else," you said. (

You already failed this first test.

All these are words were by the "for-export" version of Yanukovych, who is markedly different from the Yanukovych for "domestic consumption". The injustice you are committing in Ukraine contrasts with the correct phrases you are throwing around Europe.

There are only a few days left until the official start of the campaign for local council elections. And in these last few days you made significant changes to the election law that fully accommodate your political force. You chose to battle BYuT – you main competitor – not through opinions and effectiveness of actions, but through the crooked new rules in your new law. For example, you banned political blocs from running – that means us. You designed a procedure for forming election commission that is controlled by your administrative resource and leaves out representatives from our political force.

You made the same move by making changes to the elections law a few days before the presidential race that ensured they could be rigged. But that’s not what my letter is about. This letter is about your new creative idea to steal the Batkivshchyna Party.

I want to explain to everyone how you’re doing this.

Our party, Batkivshchyna, dismissed the heads of its Kyiv and Lviv oblast branches and excluded them from our party ranks. This is the right of our party, guaranteed by the Constitution and laws. It is also the Constitution, laws and Constitutional Court rulings that forbid the government (the executive, courts and parliament) from directly interfering in the internal affairs of a party, civil society organization, or any other public association. I, like most Ukrainians, suspect that you’ve never read the Constitution or our laws, and live according to "pack instinct". That is the reason why you have taken under your wing the two former regional heads of our party and used them as a way to steal our oblast branches. You acted swiftly and cynically.

First – you gave orders to the Ministry of Justice to not register the new legitimate regional party heads and leave the old ones in the registers.

Second – you gave order to the Pechersk District Court in Kyiv, in violation of the law, to interfere in the internal affairs of our party and forbid members of our party from holding party conferences, electing new leaders, nominating their candidates for deputy, and basically prevent them from living and working (as evidence I’m attaching to this letter copies of the decisions by the Pechersk Court, so that you and everyone else can see to what heights justice can sink in the "new country" you plan to build).

Third – on your instructions, Mr. Yanukovych, Minister of Internal Affairs Mohylyov illegally issued fake stamps to these former regional party leaders, while Ministry of Justice Lavrynovych illegally issued them fake registration certificates. The collective crime was done.

The regional branches of our party have been stolen. The head of your administration, Mr. Lyovochkin, is now compiling lists of candidates from our party, putting fake party stamps on these lists, and will soon register these fake lists in the Central Election Commission, where you have already managed to form a majority, as in 2004.

I will add that the Pecherck District Court "accidentally" considered cases in areas that are not his under its jurisdiction. It’s clear that the same judge – last name Vovk - "accidentally" issued the same illegal ruling in all cases.

You liked the idea of stealing someone else’s party so much that you moved to other oblasts – Luhansk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kharkiv.


Return the Batkivshchyna Party to the people who believe in it and want to vote for it.

You are depriving millions of people of the right to choose, you are infringing upon their freedoms. You didn’t give them these freedoms, and you have no right to take them away.

I am writing to you, Mr. Yanukovych, to document your personal responsibility for the collapse of democratic processes in Ukraine.

I won’t blind myself with illusions, but I’m asking you to realize that this scenario of an unfair election campaign that you have set into motion won’t just be a blow to your reputation. Your actions also harm Ukraine’s image abroad.

I demand that you call off the blockade against Batkivshchyna’s election campaign.

Put a stop to the attacks by the head of your administration, Mr. Lyovochkin, Minister of Justice Lavrynovych, Minister of Internal Affairs Mohylyov and the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv, which you control.

I demand that you register the legitimate new regional party leaders and not interfere in Batkivshchyna’s right to participate in these elections.

If you do not do this, we will be forced to boycott the elections. This will be a public sentence of your unconstitutional activities and you as a grave-digger of freedom.

You weren’t able to become president of all citizens of Ukraine. Honestly speaking, you weren’t even able to become president of the people that voted for you. You became the president only for shady commercial structures, whose interests are inseparables from yours.

Your true face is being revealed from under the protective coating of advertising, and it’s no longer under your control.

This is the beginning of your end.

Today you are pompously announcing your program "Building a New Country". Unfortunately, the foundation is made of provocation and fraud.

Yulia Tymoshenko

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