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Dec 22, 2011, 10:47 am

Statement by Yulia Tymoshenko

pr_b3431.jpgWatching from behind bars the performance of horror, madness and absurdity that the court process involving my name has become, I have decided not to participate in this disgraceful process and refuse further appeals of the rulings by the courts of first and second instance.

There is no judicial system and justice today in Ukraine. Searching for truth and fairness in Ukrainian courts is futile.

The government, Yanukovych’s regime, has destroyed the judiciary completely. Instead of people whose professional calling is to seek truth and administer a fair and just court, werewolves and executioners have put on judicial robes and are carrying out any command given to them by the authorities. There is no honor, no justice, no truth in the courts. There is only wickedness, flirtation with the regime and humiliation of human beings.

I believe things will continue this way while Yanukovych is in power. And during this time there is no sense to expect justice from Ukrainian judges.

How can you talk about a fair trial when before the eyes of the whole world these judges, openly and without shame, constantly tell lies, twist facts and falsify a case? When evidence of innocence suddenly disappears from a closed case? When the court doesn’t want to hear from witnesses from the defense, and evidence in your favor is considered a charge?

How can you talk about the search for truth when you are bedridden and riot police suddenly drag you to the prison medical unit to prove that you can walk? When people burst into you cell with video cameras and unashamedly record you when you are helpless and then edit a plasma tv and shower into the footage? When you’re administered painkillers every two hours, while claiming that you are the healthiest person on the planet? When the court sits in a cell next to the toilet for 12 hours, even though the text of the decision was ready in the morning? When in your cell, behind bars and confined to a bed, you are again arrested, and the decision is justified by the claim that I am free and not detained…..

How can you believe in a court that you can’t even attend in your own case, despite all your requests, protests and statements? What justice is there when the prosecution’s charges come down to “heels” photographed by the security service’s paparazzi?

This is not 1937. This is their second year in power, and they have pushed our country beyond the boundaries of our era, an era of basic humanity and decency. This is the age of cave dwellers in its worst forms.

In this situation, I see no reason or necessity to continue to support the farce in the Ukrainian courts. I will not seek the truth in them, because it's not there. Let them play their games of crooked justice, if they want, demonstrating to the world their immorality and insidiousness.

I believe the European Court of Human Rights will assess the absurdity and crime that the Ukrainian government calls court.

At the same time I would like to note that despite all the torture and humiliation, they haven’t broken me and never will. I continue my fight, because even here behind bars, I feel freer than all the Yanukovychs behind the government fences.

I continue my struggle for a free, happy and democratic Ukraine. They can kill me, but they’ll never kill my proud country and great nation.

Truth will prevail! And a free Ukraine will soon rise in the world. The dark age that we’re living in now will soon pass. And the sun will rise over the country. It will be soon, I’m certain. And it won’t be on April 31, as was written in one of the fabricated protocols in my case, but much sooner!

Hang in there, believe, fight!

Yulia Tymoshenko

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