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Nov 26, 2009, 08:23 pm

Yulia Tymoshenko: not even a drop of heart in Ukrainian politics (photo story)

tymoshenko-vr.jpgPrime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko approaches every situation as a challenge. This feature of her nature was clearly demonstrated on Thursday when Ukraine’s parliament could not override the presidential veto on the law "On amending the Law of Ukraine ‘One the 2009 state budget’ which was supposed to provide state funds for required medicine and flu diagnostic equipment and for countering the spread of the flu epidemic.

According to her, today’s parliamentary vote affirms that in politics everything has become so “cynical and corrupt that to find at least one drop of spirituality in politics, a drop of love to others, respect towards their lives is becoming impossible.”

"For me this is undoubtedly painful, that today politics beat not only common sense but also of protecting the lives of people. It is very bitter that this is becoming a standard of life in Ukraine and it's very vexing that life is looked upon by journalists as some kind of intrigue, conflicts and not whether the actions of today’s political community is adequate in relation to the health and lives of people,” is how Yulia Tymoshenko reacted to parliament’s indecision.

But there is a way out of the situation for Yulia Tymoshenko. BYuT on Tuesday, December 1 intends to initiate a second reading of the bill regarding the allocation of one billion hryvnia to fight the flu epidemic and to prepare for a possible second and third wave of the epidemic.

“Today parliament disarmed me in the fight against preparing for a possible second and third wave of the epidemic. Because every person’s life, from this moment and before God and before the people, lies on the conscience on these deputies who today pressed this button. But on Tuesday we will once more initiate a review of this issue (regarding the allocation of 1 billion UAH), and with renewed strength. And the fact that 20 days have been wasted for preparing the country to counter the flu epidemic is sad.

And all of whom the people voted for don’t bring upon their hearts and burden their consciences and lives with the sins of not financially providing the country with resources. Later every person and child who God forbid because of (government) being ill-prepared to counteract the epidemic dies, then this will be on the conscience of the deputies who for political reasons and political intrigue of boosting their ratings won’t override the veto,” said the head of government. It’s a pity for me that everything has become so cynical, corrupted and irresponsible,” said Yulia Tymoshenko.

"This voting was a test of the quality of character of our politicians. It was a test of their morality. The President of Ukraine, the opposition leader and most of all, the journalists. Because if only the Prime Minister is yelling…that we need to protect the people and everyone else who is responsible for informing the public will twist and in this way destroy the lives of people then we simply don’t have a civil society,” announced Yulia Tymoshenko.

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