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Jul 05, 2012, 02:08 pm

Yulia Tymoshenko: go all to the Ukrainian House - the front line for Ukraine (video)

pr_b1656.jpgUnfortunately, because I am cut off from constant communication with you, it is only today that I have the opportunity to join our fight.

One hundred years ago, Mykhailo Hrushevsky wrote: the trouble with Ukraine is that it’s run by people who don't need Ukraine.

Little has changed over the last century. We again have in power people for whom this country, its language, culture, history and great spirit is foreign, incomprehensible and unnecessary. Like barbarians and savages, they want to destroy everything that doesn’t fit into their shriveled little heads.

The disgraceful voting on July 3 in the Verkhovna Rada for the so-called "language law" shows that Yanukovych has waged war not only against the opposition and democratic values, but an independent Ukraine as such. He challenged the whole nation.

The voting was reflective of them. They, like thieves, like card sharks, pushed through this issue by rules that are more appropriate for a gambling den.

Everyone saw who they really elected to parliament: card sharks and scam artists.

The July 3 law isn’t a law on language. It’s a law on their lack of honor and dignity. It is a law on the temporary right for scoundrels to scoff - nothing more…

In two years they created "an effective vertical" of caveman ethics and deadly primitiveness. It is the same vertical that will bury them under its ruins if we don’t miss this chance.

Ukraine has defeated worse enemies than Yanukovych and survived greater challenges than the Party of Regions.

You can throw civil society and the opposition in jail, but you can’t imprison Ukrainian language and culture.

The first decision the opposition should make in the new parliament is to annul all the criminal stupidity that they passed in their temporary parliament.

We can’t stand idle because the issue of native language isn’t something that can be silently endured again. Native language is a concrete wall you can’t cross because there is nothing but desert on the other side.

Today, here in the hospital, I regret that I am not with you by the Ukrainian House, that I can’t stand there day and night with those people who need to be together in this difficult time, who can’t do otherwise, and who are doing extremely important work for those millions of Ukrainians who also support Ukraine, but who, unfortunately, right now have bigger problems. I want everyone who is by the Ukrainian House right now to realize that they are like those legendary boys near Kruty and hold our independence and future in their hearts.

I am with you. Fight. Everyone who can, go to the Ukrainian House - the front line for Ukraine!

Glory to the Ukrainian language! Glory to Ukraine!

Yulia Tymoshenko
Kharkiv, Ukrzaliznytsia Hospital

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