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Jan 22, 2014, 04:40 pm

Yulia Tymoshenko: either the dictatorship falls, or a Free Ukraine dies

pr_a9787.jpgStatement by Yulia Tymoshenko regarding events on Hrushevskoho Street:

- Today, January 22, on Ukrainian Unity Day (Den Sobornosti), Yanukovych gave the command to use guns against the EuroMaidan protesters. The first to be killed was Serhiy Nihoyan, who was on Maidan from the very beginning. Two more sons of Ukraine were killed next.

I ask everyone to pay their respects with a minute of silence.

I mourn together with all the peaceful people and their parents, together with everyone who feels this pain. The blood of these Heroes of Ukraine is on Yanukovych’s hands. He personally shot at them as he read his Unity Day greeting to the nation.

From the moment Yanukovych killed Serhiy Nihoyan and more of our boys, whose names we still don’t know, he ceased being president of Ukraine and became a murderer. After this, he no longer has the right to be president!

If we, Ukrainians, forgive him for this, we will deserve everything he does to us in the nearest future.

Ukrainians, children of my homeland, rise up for your children, your parents, yourself! Don’t let them continue to kill you! We have no other choice!

No negotiating with murderer Yanukovych.

The issue is clear cut: it's either them or a Free Ukraine. It’s either the torture of our children, or the immediate political death of the dictatorship and its leaders.

I appeal to everyone who wear uniforms of the state of Ukraine: don’t take the blood of Ukrainians on your soul. No job, salary or epaulettes are worth the death of your soul. I urge you to resign from the ranks of Yanukovych’s hired murderers and crossover to the side of the people. I know that your mothers are praying for you and Ukraine, just like the mothers of the sons and daughters that you are killing and maiming.

Put down your weapons! Don’t shoot at those who read the poems of Shevchenko – like Serhiy Nihoyan.

I appeal to the leaders of the democratic world to open a second major front against the dictatorship in Ukraine. The longer you delay this, the more peaceful Ukrainians will die on the battlefield for Freedom.

Every minute you waste is paid in Ukrainian blood.

Ukrainians, children of our sacred land, rise up!

Don’t let them kill a Free Ukraine. Without you she won’t survive another day!

My heart is with you!

Yulia Tymoshenko
Kachanivska prison, Kharkiv
22 January 2014

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