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Jun 22, 2011, 01:20 pm

Yulia Tymoshenko: there are all the grounds to treat criminal prosecution as politically motivated (video)

pr_a1834.jpgThe leader of the Batkivchshyna party Yulia Tymoshenko has filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights on the illegitimacy of initiation of criminal cases against her by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine.

"We decided to go to the European Court of Human Rights, and I want to inform you that we have already filed a complaint where we stated our position, and where we fully justified the existence of political repressions in Ukraine. We expect that our conclusions, expert opinions will be sufficient for an unbiased decision of the European Court of Human Rights," Yulia Tymoshenko said at a press conference.

In turn, her lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko explained the legal grounds for the appeal to this international judicial body. "The legal basis for filing such a complaint has been sub-paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights. We did not apply Article 6, which talks about the absence or presence of a fair trial, which is mainly used by Ukrainian citizens who recourse to the European Court. In the complaint we present a number of examples that, in our opinion, unequivocally demonstrate the political connotation of the criminal cases initiated against Yulia Tymoshenko," he said.

"We ask to recognize that during the initiation of the criminal case against Tymoshenko, during the actions against Tymoshenko, during the initiation and investigation of criminal cases a subparagraph C of paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights has been violated, it suggests that a person may be detained only in the case where there is sufficient evidence, a reasonable suspicion that he committed a crime,” Serhiy Vlasenko added.

Particularly, Yulia Tymoshenko’s lawyer stressed that the basis for the appeal was the detention of former Prime Minister by the General Prosecutor's Office on May 24th. "I want to remind you that on May 24th General Prosecutor’s Office arrested Tymoshenko, correspondingly, they arrested her without reasonable grounds, since the case was initiated on factitious grounds, and that is what we are asking the European Court of Human Rights to establish," he explained.

Additionally Serghiy Vlasenko said that along with the complaint a motion on granting priority status to the case in consideration was filed. "In a separate motion, we requested the European Court of Human Rights to apply to the case of Tymoshenko - the so-called paragraphs 39, 40 and 41 of the Rules of Court. This means, in particular, to grant priority status to this case and to allow Yulia Tymoshenko’s appeal to be reviewed in a priority mode," the lawyer said.

"If the European Court sustains the complaint, it would mean that the Court recognizes that the cases against Tymoshenko have nothing to do with the criminal prosecution, and are politically motivated and fabricated. It should also be noted that Ukraine has a number of commitments to implement the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, that is, the decisions of the European Court are not optional for Ukraine. Ukraine is obliged to comply with all the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights," Serhiy Vlasenko emphasized.

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