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Nov 25, 2013, 07:40 pm

Yulia Tymoshenko: in solidarity with the participants of EuroMaidans I am announcing a hunger strike

km1a0682a-111ii.jpgYulia Tymoshenko’s statement:

I’m so happy that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians came out to EuroMaidans all around the world. They came out to prevent the ruling mafia from killing our European choice and ruining our life.

I’m proud to be Ukrainian, to feel myself a part of the great and strong nation that managed to gain independence and preserve it despite everything, that managed to survive Holodomor and Soviet tortures, managed to rise and win its freedom during the Orange Revolution and found strength to rise today on all EuroMaidans to win once again.

I love you, my Unbowed Ukrainians, I love you with all my soul and all my heart! I believe in all your future victories!

You are my inspiration, my hope, my pride and my strength to live.

It’s painful for me that I cannot physically be with you right now and that I cannot together with you breathe the sacred air of unity, freedom and struggle that has always filled our Maidan. But despite all bars, my every part lives with you and believes in our Victory!

As a sign of unity and solidarity with everyone who is fighting on all EuroMaidans in Ukraine and around the globe, I go on a indefinite hunger strike with a demand for Yanukovych to sign the Association and Free Trade Agreements with the EU.

I ask you, my dear Ukrainians, to increase our forces on Maidans every day. I ask you to raise an unprecedented in its scale avalanche of our will and strength so that Yanukovych’s authoritarian mafia fails to prevent our historic and sacred reunification with the real civilizational family we were separated from hundreds of years ago.

Don’t give up! Don’t let them ruin our lives! Go on and win!

Ukraine has great future because Ukraine has all of you!

And if on 29 November Yanukovych doesn’t sign our Agreement with the EU, wipe him off Ukraine’s face by peaceful and constitutional means together with his political and corruption metastases! Don’t stop! Go on and never look back!

Ukraine is Europe!

Glory to Ukraine!

Yulia Tymoshenko,
November 25, 2013

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