Candidate program
I believe in Ukraine.

I have always believed and believe that Ukraine has a unique, God-blessed mission. It is to create for ourselves and the world a fundamentally new, just system of life, in which every person feels protected, spiritual and material harmony.

I am convinced that this goal can be achieved by constantly improving fairness and social harmony by identifying, honestly recognizing and effectively resolving problems of individuals and society. This process must take into account the interests of each individual and society as a whole.

To fulfill this mission we must first increase the spirituality of the nation – building a solid faith in God, spiritual education for children and youth, granting spiritual and secular education equal status, reviving the Ukrainian language, developing culture, restoring national worldview traditions, and our true national history.

So what is preventing us from being highly spiritual, strong, wealthy and happy?

First of all, the total domination of the oligarchy, that has so deeply corrupted politicians, the media, and a big part of law enforcement and the courts. The oligarchs earn dishonest money at the expense of state resources. This is a cancerous tumor of modern Ukraine that is incompatible with democracy.

Another reason is the destruction of the vertical power structure, the complete chaos and ungovernability of the country. These are the tragic consequences of the irresponsible changes made to the Constitution in December 2004. A new Constitution must be adopted immediately.

All these obstacles can be overcome quickly.

I am confident that I can do this.


I believe in justice and order. I will fight for this.

Without honest and just courts, positive changes in the country are impossible. Justice is also impossible without them.

Courts will be removed from political, administrative and corrupt influence. We will make them financially independent from the executive branch. People will directly elect and recall judges.

Citizens will have the right to initiate disciplinary proceedings against dishonest judges.

All citizens will be able to use the courts free of charge, and the needy will have access to free legal services.

Criminal accountability for corruption will be enhanced to life imprisonment.

Citizens will be given the right to file criminal cases with the courts against officials involved in criminal activity.

People will have the right to receive honest information.

Conditions will be created for journalists to be independent of the government and politicized money of the oligarchy. Principle of editorial policy, which will make journalists independent, will be given the status of a law.

High-quality public television and radio will be created, and all citizens will have access to the Internet.


I believe the corrupt alliance forged between power and oligarchy will be destroyed. Government is corrupt because it is uncontrolled.

Authorities will be held responsible for violating the Constitution and laws, and for corruption.

The opposition will appoint the chairman of the Accounting Chamber and heads of controlling parliamentary committees, and will have the right to institute criminal proceedings against officials based on material provided by the parliamentary investigation commissions.

Deputies of all levels will be elected by open lists and attached to their respective district. People will know their elected representatives.

I will make national and local referendums a real and effective mechanism of the rule of the people.

Local government bodies will have the right to form their own executive bodies.

The veto of the new Budget Code will be withdrawn immediately, thus allowing taxes to remain where people pay them – in the villages, towns and cities.

I will be strict and decisive.

We will establish order in government and there will be order in the country.


I believe in the "Ukrainian breakthrough". I have already begun implementing this strategic plan for the country’s development. Unfortunately, the global economic crisis and internal political battle against the government impeded our progress. My victory in the elections, an end to the crisis, and restored order in government will allow this plan to be implemented fully.

A priority will be the development of knowledge-intensive industries: nanotechnology, microelectronics, rocket and space, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, machine building and information technology.

Small and medium business

We will introduce a system of tax benefits for banks depending on the size of long-term loans issued to start businesses. The state will assume part of the risks of start-up loans.

Lending rates will be reduced to European levels, business lending will switch to a long-term basis – from 5 to 10 years.

The tax burden will be reduced and certain taxes will be eliminated, including market fees.

Investment climate

Investors that create new production capacity will be exempted from paying taxes for ten years on the import of equipment, technology and components that are not manufactured in Ukraine.

Officials will be deprived of the right to issue superfluous licenses, certificates and permits, and carry out groundless inspections.

We will introduce a non-corrupt auction system for the sale and lease of non-agricultural land for investment projects.

A simplified procedure for investments and ten-year full tax holidays will be introduced in depressed regions.

All this will create new jobs, particularly for the youth.

Transit country

I will continue the building of highways, ports and airports through public-private partnerships. New oil and gas pipelines and modern oil refineries will be built. We will secure Ukraine’s status as a key transit country.

Energy independence

Energy saving technologies will be introduced and dependence on external energy supplies will be reduced. Coal is our main energy resource. We will introduce environmentally friendly technologies for burning it - coal-water slurry and fluid bed technology.

We will build our own closed nuclear fuel cycle. We will increase oil and gas production, particularly in the Black and Azov Sea shelves.

We will promote the development of alternative and renewable energy sources. Starting on 1 January 2010, companies that produce energy from renewable sources – water, wind, sunlight, wood, straw, biomass, etc. – will be given tax exemptions.

Agrarian country

The key priority is to switch from unsystematic financing of agrarian production to full-fledged long-term lending for full technology cycles, including the purchase of agricultural equipment.

A complete infrastructure will be created: agrarian fund and exchanges, wholesale and retail agricultural markets, insurance fund and land bank.

I place particular importance on creating an extensive network of agricultural service cooperatives.

Conditions will be created for promoting Ukrainian products on foreign markets.

We will return Ukraine’s status as a leading supplier of agricultural products and will bring the quality of life in rural areas to the level of cities.

Agricultural land will belong only to citizens of Ukraine who live and work on it. Annual rent for agricultural land will be fixed at 10% of its market value by law.

All acts for the ownership of household plots will be issued free of charge within one year.


I believe that investments in science and education are the best investment in Ukraine’s future. Therefore, we will increase financing for basic scientific research, which will ensure the country’s intellectual leap.

An effective national system for managing innovative development will be created. Costs spent on research and development and development of sectoral research will be exempt from taxation.

Every child will have free access to high-quality education, computers and the Internet, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

Graduation and entrance exams to institutes of higher education will be replaced by independent external testing.

Secondary and higher education institutions will be given full organizational and financial autonomy.


The right to health care shouldn’t depend on the size of your wallet or position, therefore, each person will be guaranteed medical insurance through an employer or the state, and wealthy citizens at their own expense.

A health insurance system will be introduced that will improve health care and make it accessible for all citizens.

Within three years medical facilities will be fully equipped with the most modern medical equipment and ambulances.

Within a year the quality of drugs and prices will be put in order. A network of laboratories will be created to monitor genetically modified organisms and food and water quality.


I believe in fair distribution of social wealth.

The minimum share of wages in the structure of production costs will be increased to global standards by law.

Owners of small blocks of shares in companies will receive quarterly dividend payments in full.

Special taxes will be introduced for luxury items.

Pensions will be deposited into personal accounts throughout one’s life and unused pension money will be inherited. A pension will be no less than 60% of the average salary that a citizen was earning at the time of retirement.

6.5 million people have already received 1000 hryvnias in savings. The program to return deposits from the Soviet Oshchadbank will be prolonged until its completion within three years.

Families of disabled persons will receive assistance of no less than 2000 hryvnias a month.

At the birth of a child, the state support payments I introduced will continue to be paid.

I will resume the program "Territory of Quality Life" which calls for the comprehensive reconstruction of cities with a modern social infrastructure and roads of European standards.

Immediately after the crisis, we will resume long-term mortgage lending at 2-4% annual interest for 10-30 years.

Stipends will not be less than the living minimum.


I believe we are capable of rising to the level of European standards on democracy, human rights, quality of life and political culture. And once we build Europe in Ukraine, Ukraine will become a member of the European Union.

The potential of existing cooperation and mutually beneficial economic cooperation will serve as the foundation for friendly relations with Russia and other CIS countries.

Relations with all countries will be built pragmatically based on the priority of national interests and significantly increasing Ukraine’s competitiveness in the global arena.

We will cardinally change Ukraine’s position in the global distribution of labor. We will become a country of high technology and science-intensive production.

Ukraine’s joining any collective security system will be decided only by a referendum.


As Commander in Chief, I will enhance the authority of military service and respect to people in uniform.

We will allocate sufficient material and equipment and financial resources to strengthen the army’s combat power and social protection of servicemen and their families.

The army will become professional, formed on contract principles, and compulsory military service will be cancelled.


Today I am in opposition to the oligarchy and everyone who represents it. And, therefore, in true opposition. After the president election, I will be ready to assume full responsibility for the country, for strengthening its sovereignty, for gaining respect for Ukraine from the world community, for the people’s respect of government and the responsibility of government to the people. For a productive economy and smart laws. For happiness, honesty and fairness. For Ukraine’s success.

I started on this path because I love Ukraine.

Our generation has a difficult but wonderful job ahead – with our tireless work to build a new Ukraine, to realize its holy mission

Ukraine above all!

Glory to Ukraine!