Poroshenko’s protection of clans is a tragedy for Ukraine

16:11 25.05.2017

Petro Poroshenko's presidency has been the biggest tragedy for Ukraine. He is the main oligarch of Ukraine and provides a roof for all oligarch and mafia families.


The government wants to control NERC

12:24 25.05.2017

The key issue today is to make NERC independent of the government. But today in the Verkhovna Rada they named a person who will make NERC completely dependent on the two factions in the majority,


War in the east can be stopped and Crimea returned only through Budapest format

11:27 25.05.2017

Today there is every opportunity for Ukraine to end the occupation of Donbas and return Crimea without a single shot being fired.


Bankova’s sociology is deceptive, people are led to believe there is no way out

10:34 25.05.2017

The Presidential Administration's sociology is the pinnacle of deception. They are spreading false ratings to make people think there is no opposition and no leadership in the opposition.


High profile police operation was meant to distract attention from real corruption

09:59 25.05.2017

By staging this show and arresting former tax officials the authorities are simply diverting attention from the massive corruption in the country today.


Government’s proposed pension reform is deceptive

15:22 23.05.2017

The government is trying to portray an increase in pensions as reform. Batkivshchyna is in favor of higher pensions but is against the pension reform hiding behind higher pensions the strategy of which is to