We are nominating candidates to elections in amalgamated communities

13:26 25.03.2017

The fate of Ukraine is in your hands, in the hands of tends of thousands of members of the Batkivshchyna party. We have a special role – to win the right to put Ukraine back


We demand transparency in cooperation with the IMF

14:58 20.03.2017

We need to stop this wrong practice when IMF memorandums are kept secret.


Rada agenda has laws for oligarchs, not ordinary Ukrainians

14:20 20.03.2017

These are no laws that deal with people's lives. Most of the bills for this week are special interest bills aimed at increasing corruption.


IMF tranche delayed because of extreme corruption in Ukraine

13:30 20.03.2017

It is absolutely not true that the issue was removed from the agenda because of the blockade of Donbas. The real reason is the corruption in Ukraine.


The authorities are profiting from this war – this must be stopped

13:20 20.03.2017

All spending on the war must be put under public control. The Ministry of Defense procures goods at inflated prices from companies close to those in government.


We demand registration of Groysman resolution – otherwise we will go to court

12:51 20.03.2017

The Batkivshchyna faction will continue to fight, we will take the case to court.


Police in parliament is a sign of a police state – we demand an inquiry

23:05 19.03.2017

This means we are losing the rule of law, and it is being replaced by the rule of force.