The government has a scheme to steal land from farmers – we are against it

15:40 21.02.2017

This bill is a scheme for stealing land from farmers. The Batkivshchyna faction urges parliament to vote against this shadow sale of agricultural land.


Verkhovna Rada agenda full of corrupt laws

13:35 21.02.2017

The Verkhovna Rada, government, and president are not working today on reviving Ukraine and supporting its people, but, unfortunately, they continue to push through their laws.


People on Maidan protested against clans, now the new government is destroying the country

11:50 21.02.2017

You have brought the country to this state. You who today say all these night words are liquidating the country.


Crimea and Donbas are part of Ukraine – we oppose the legalization of occupation

14:18 20.02.2017

We are against the idea of leasing Crimea to the Russian Federation for 50 years. This is not a Ukrainian position and we do not share it.


Government to allow sale of agricultural land – we are opposed

13:34 20.02.2017

Our land, which is priceless and is being taken for free, today is again the subject of new corrupt deals.


The corrupt government hiding behind words about Maidan is extreme cynicism

13:21 20.02.2017

It is the highest level of cynicism to hide behind words about the Maidan while having a worse and more corrupt government!


We demand the resolution to dismiss Groysman be registered, otherwise we will go to court

13:02 20.02.2017

Understanding that Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman takes orders from clans and the country's corrupt elite, we filed a resolution on dismissing him from this post. I demand that the resolution to dismiss the clans' marionette