A proper system of mortgage lending will mean accessible housing for people

16:45 16.07.2019

"The large-scale construction of new housing stock in Ukraine is possible if there is proper mortgage lending, where every family in the country will be able to acquire high-quality and affordable mortgage housing"


We demand an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada to consider the issues of gas and pensions

15:35 16.07.2019

"I believe that we need to add important issues for society to the extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada"


Closing schools is unacceptable!

14:45 16.07.2019

"That is why every vote for Batkivshchyna is important, because the party's ability to shape the policy of a new government will depend on the support of voters"


Congratulations on the 29th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine!

11:29 16.07.2019

"I sincerely hope that this continuous electoral campaign ends as soon as possible and that we remember that we are not an "electorate," but free citizens of a free and democratic European Ukraine!"


The fall of the hryvnia, high tariffs and national debt – we would not have allowed such crimes

23:56 15.07.2019

"If in the last years our team had had the opportunity to adopt state decisions, there would have been no increase in gas prices"


We will go to court over unjust payments to pensioners

21:25 15.07.2019

"We will file a lawsuit, because 71% of pensioners in Ukraine are not paid pensions 3094 hryvnias, the size established by law. And we will win this case"