We invite innovators to develop a plan to change conditions in the IT sector

14:57 20.03.2019

"Together we should draw up a short, concise and concrete action plan for the new President: what to do so that the intellect working in outsourcing for other countries have the support and desire to


I support the environmental agenda of activists, we will implement it

11:35 20.03.2019

"I think Earth Day is a good occasion to publish our vision of solving environmental problems"


The nation’s intelligence should be involved in the system of governance and the formation of a new Ukraine

15:02 19.03.2019

"We need to make incredible social efforts and have the will to change the system of governance of the country. Only systemic solutions will have the proper consequences for the country"


We will support the youth – the future of a prosperous Ukraine

20:12 18.03.2019

"The 'New Course for Ukraine' provides for a new youth policy designed to create all the conditions for young people to live, and it will be implemented immediately after the president election in Ukraine"


We will restore peace, rebuild Donbas and protect internally displaced persons

15:58 18.03.2019

"I do not see a more urgent task now than to secure peace, revival and development"


We will return territory and people and restore all social payments

14:51 18.03.2019

"Donbas always was and remains the pride of Ukraine. Once we begin living by the laws of the Creator, unite and feel that we are one whole, then we will restore our unity. There will


In memory of Fedor Muravchenko – the patriarch of Ukraine’s aviation industry…

14:06 18.03.2019

"March 18 marks the 90th anniversary of the birth of the famous aircraft designer Fedor Mykhailovych Muravchenko"