We urge deputies not to vote for judicial reform that will usurp the judiciary

13:31 19.09.2017

urge deputies not to support the usurpation of the judiciary and allow people access to justice in the courts, not sentences and decisions that are bought and manipulated.


We demand an investigation into the tragedy at the children’s camp in Odesa

17:58 18.09.2017

The Batkivshchyna party expresses our deepest condolences to the families of the children who died at the children's camp in Odesa.


The uncontrolled printing of hryvnia is raising prices – we demand an investigation

14:02 18.09.2017

Today the price of everything people consume has gone up, food prices have doubled in a short span. We demand an immediate review in parliament of this increase in prices for food and consumer goods.


Yulia Tymosheko meets with U.S. special envoy Kurt Volker

19:40 16.09.2017

On Saturday, September 16, Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko met with the United States Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker. The parties discussed the situation in Ukraine, in particular Russia’s military aggression in Eastern


To win we must defeat not only the aggressor

19:20 16.09.2017

Nobody is hiding the fact that there are two wars in Ukraine: one on the eastern front with occupiers, and the second inside the country. And the latter war is no less relentless.


We shall win for the sake of Ukraine

18:00 16.09.2017

We need to unite with all the democratic forces and give the country teams in the amalgamated territorial communities that will not allow half our cities and infrastructure to be wiped off the map.


Reforms in Ukraine are being negated by government corruption

15:30 14.09.2017

This is our last chance to stop the massive corruption that today threatens the existence of our state.