We need a new government and corrupt officials must be held responsible

20:58 22.04.2019

"We must return to joint responsibility for changes that should begin today and the parliament should play an important role in this. Therefore, I want to appeal to all my colleagues in parliament that we


What’s important is unity, not the presidential election

21:27 17.04.2019

"Let's be Ukrainians for all Ukrainians"


I offer my condolences and support in connection with the Notre Dame fire…

20:12 16.04.2019

"It is terrible to see such a symbol of world culture engulfed in flames"


We should remain human beings despite the fierce political competition….

18:08 12.04.2019

"What I saw pains the soul of every Ukrainian because I saw the destruction of the status of the post of President and the humiliation of the Ukrainian state"


A peaceful, free and whole Ukraine is a security issue for Europe

20:07 11.04.2019

"We believe that the program to reduce the nuclear potential in the world will be successful if Ukraine, which showed the example of serving humanity by giving up its nuclear weapons, achieves the long-awaited peace


The country’s energy independence is a reality if the right steps are taken

19:46 11.04.2019

"Ukraine has no other choice than to do everything we can to build our energy independence"


The task of responsible politicians is to serve the country and we will continue to do this

19:44 11.04.2019

"I believe that the task of all responsible public figures in Ukraine, regardless of who wins the presidential election, is to roll up our sleeves and start working responsibly for Ukraine"