Congratulations on the 18th anniversary of the Batkivshchyna Party

11:30 07.07.2017

I want to thank everyone for the work you do every day for the good of Ukraine, work that is appreciated by the people.


SBU claim that Russia was behind attack on Batkivshchyna’s office is plausible

10:22 27.06.2017

The Batkivshchyna party has consistently opposed the Minsk agreements. Therefore, it is not surprising that someone tried to blow up or attack our office and that according to the SBU the attackers were Russian special


The government is ruining our energy independence by destroying the coal industry

18:48 26.06.2017

I met with miners in Chervonohrad who said that Ukraine's energy independence is being destroyed. What I heard from the miners is their verdict of the work of this president, government and majority in the


The unwillingness to hold elections is manipulation of power under guise of war

18:33 26.06.2017

The authorities are saying that elections cannot be held because of the war. But there is major corruption taking place under the guise of war.


The government’s new constitution preservers the oligarchy and federalizes Ukraine

17:50 26.06.2017

The purpose of the new constitution is to preserve the oligarchy. The lower chamber of parliament will be party-based but they won't have any rights and will be working in total chaos, while the upper


Destruction of the land market is a threat to national security

17:22 26.06.2017

We must stop this scam of the century – the sale of agricultural land. We want to show the rotten mafia that the Ukrainian nation does not want to sell Ukrainian land because the mass


The government’s pension reform will destroy pensioners

14:46 22.06.2017

The government has introduced its bill on so-called pension reform and we were correct in our assessments: the pension reform aims to cut the number of pensioners by 30% and lower pensions for the population