Yulia Tymoshenko meets with Elmar Brok

14:57 12.09.2019

She informed him about the situation in Ukraine and her party's vision for the systemic changes needed in the country

I welcome the return of our political prisoners and prisoners of war!

15:46 07.09.2019

"I very much want this to be the first step towards peace in Ukraine"


You are our future – study hard!

14:49 02.09.2019

"In our world today, industry and resources are no longer the main strategic value. People and knowledge, information - that's what's most important"


Deputies will become equal with the people they serve – this is a historic change

18:30 30.08.2019

"Batkivshchyna will be unanimous in the final vote for these historic changes to the Constitution"


We will continue in the new Verkhovna Rada to protect the interests of the Ukrainian people

18:14 29.08.2019

"We will work outside the majority and are ready to support all initiatives of the President and his team that will give development to the state and improve people's lives"


Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

13:18 24.08.2019

"Let us remember all those who fought for our independence, those who gave their lives for it, for those who are ready to give it up today, for those who courageously defend our freedom right


Happy National Flag Day!

22:14 23.08.2019

"Our flag is a symbol of freedom, will, strength. It is a symbol of a proud and free people!"