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Ukrainians are against the sale of land...

15:21 09.10.2019

"Our land should belong to those who live and work on it - Ukrainians"


We will return dignity to the teaching...

13:44 06.10.2019

"Happy Teacher's Day! A sincere heartfelt thanks for your great work! I promise not to forget about you, your needs, your troubles and your


Restoration of the state border,...

21:59 04.10.2019

"The Steinmeier Formula means holding elections in the occupied territory without peace, without borders, without withdrawing troops and without returning people. This is unacceptable. It


I invite agrarians to join the...

22:50 03.10.2019

“On October 11 there will be a committee meeting where we will consider the government bill on agricultural land sales and other bills"


We are initiating parliamentary hearings...

18:07 02.10.2019

“We should not vote on a bill that is not accepted by society and agrarians, which is why the Batkivshchyna team proposes that parliamentary hearings


The ‘Steinmeier Formula’ will...

14:06 02.10.2019

"We must remove some of the diplomatic burden from the President, and in parliament develop a 'Ukraine Formula' for resolving the war in the East,


Steinmeier Formula is a threat to...

10:01 02.10.2019

We ask the president to urgently gather the leaders of the parliamentary factions and explain in detail what was signed in Minsk and what has


Opening the land market is a threat to...

19:36 01.10.2019

“Before we trade in what we will never have again - our agricultural land - we must first hold a national referendum on the people's


Rada must urgently consider stopping the...

13:28 01.10.2019

“Firstly, I call for the immediate adoption of the law on referendum by popular initiative, as the President promised. Secondly, a national referendum must be


Closing offshore flows will guarantee...

11:09 01.10.2019

“Let's ask the parliament to immediately adopt the laws on deoffshorization - №1179 and №1181. They will completely close all offshore circulation”