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I am taking part in the Summit of the Club...

15:05 17.10.2018

"I am extremely pleased to represent Ukraine at such a powerful gathering of world intellectuals"


We urge the Verkhovna Rada to ban the...

14:13 16.10.2018

“The Batkivshchyna faction demands a vote and calls on the Verkhovna Rada to support draft law № 8107 on the prohibition of the shadow sale


The authorities are blocking the harvest...

12:06 16.10.2018

“Today, artificial obstacles have been created so that agrarians cannot implement the harvest. This is unacceptable”


We call for a moratorium on gas tariff...

11:58 16.10.2018

“Increasing the price of gas, heat and everything related with it by 23% means firing the last shot at one's own people”


Autocephaly of the Ukrainian church is the...

11:21 16.10.2018

“All the forces of our state and people should be aimed at ensuring that the unification is peaceful”


Donbas will be freed and life in the...

16:31 14.10.2018

"After the change in government there will be no time for planning, just immediate action"


Congratulations on the Day of Ukrainian...

10:52 14.10.2018

“I congratulate everyone on the occasion of the Pokrova, with the holiday of the Ukrainian Army! I wish you all strength and inspiration. I wish


We must revive the coal industry and...

09:38 14.10.2018

“The coal industry for me has always been our Ukrainian energy independence. In my personal strategies, the coal industry has always been the leading industry


Soldiers and their families deserve a...

09:24 14.10.2018

“We will definitely return peace to Ukraine. This is the task of the new government, because without peace our citizens cannot have safe lives”


The new government must stop poverty,...

09:05 14.10.2018

“We can bring justice to the country only with a change in the system of government through the adoption by referendum of a new Constitution