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We will talk about a new path to peace in...

14:42 17.02.2018

“It is time to start a discussion and work out a new way of establishing peace in Ukraine. We – our team and I personally

Johannes Hahn

Yulia Tymoshenko meets with European...

21:28 16.02.2018

They discussed the current state of EU-Ukraine relations and the need for transparency of the political process in the run up to the next elections


Only new solutions and effective...

20:56 16.02.2018

“Ukraine is into its fourth year of hybrid war. Given this situation, we must do everything possible so that hybrid peace does not become the


The moratorium on land sale will be!

08:33 16.02.2018

“All the attempts to pressure the Constitutional Court into finding the moratorium on the sale of farmland illegal proved to be futile”.


The government’s financial and...

00:42 14.02.2018

“Today there is a trinity of the president, NBU and Government. These three units generate policy that is not compatible with people's lives,”


Early Rada elections are part of...

00:14 14.02.2018

“The end of the old system is near. And they know quite well which political parties and leaders will dig the grave for the old


Batkivshchyna to contribute to development...

23:27 13.02.2018

“Part of my visited to the United States was devoted to finding a new way of bringing peace to Ukraine. Today, countries that are friends


Release Saakashvili!

20:06 12.02.2018

Petro Oleksiyovych, it is obvious to me that this was done on your personal orders, otherwise nobody would have taken such a humiliating step for


“Ukraine will be an incredible...

13:07 11.02.2018

“For me you were one of those people on whom our independence rests. You supported it with your thoughts and actions, your books and publications,


Yulia Tymoshenko addresses 66th National...

23:03 10.02.2018

“The world today is facing great challenges and threats: the revision of the world's stability and the threat of new global confrontation, violation of international