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What’s important is unity, not the...

21:27 17.04.2019

"Let's be Ukrainians for all Ukrainians"


I offer my condolences and support in...

20:12 16.04.2019

"It is terrible to see such a symbol of world culture engulfed in flames"


We should remain human beings despite the...

18:08 12.04.2019

"What I saw pains the soul of every Ukrainian because I saw the destruction of the status of the post of President and the humiliation


A peaceful, free and whole Ukraine is a...

20:07 11.04.2019

"We believe that the program to reduce the nuclear potential in the world will be successful if Ukraine, which showed the example of serving humanity


The country’s energy independence is...

19:46 11.04.2019

"Ukraine has no other choice than to do everything we can to build our energy independence"


The task of responsible politicians is to...

19:44 11.04.2019

"I believe that the task of all responsible public figures in Ukraine, regardless of who wins the presidential election, is to roll up our sleeves


We will unite our efforts to protect the...

19:03 10.04.2019

"We will have to unite efforts more than once in order to protect our interests. I and the Batkivshchyna team are your partners and your


We call on the Verkhovna Rada to support...

14:49 08.04.2019

"There is a small period of time until the end of the second round of the presidential election within which we as the parliament can


Poroshenko broke through to the second...

18:19 02.04.2019

"Our fight for a just Ukraine is not over and the chance lost in the first round of the presidential election is only one lost


Protocols will show us making it to the...

21:34 31.03.2019

"Based on the facts and figures we received, we are convinced that the exit polls announcing Petro Poroshenko in the second round as not true.