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We took the first step – hard work...

20:34 15.06.2018

“Today's forum is only the first step towards our joint work. Today we will start to form working groups on the basis of the identified


The political class uses the courts to...

20:05 15.06.2018

“The political class brazenly takes advantage of the courts. We propose a way out of this shameful situation”


Citizens should be given the right of...

19:00 15.06.2018

“I propose that the new social contract give citizens of Ukraine the right of legislative initiative”


I know how and with whom to negotiate peace

18:14 15.06.2018

“Ukraine needs peace like it needs air. The war has become a screen to cover up the government's corrupt and senseless policies that are making


All-Ukrainian public associations should...

16:40 15.06.2018

“For the first time in the history of Ukraine we propose creating all-Ukrainian public associations: for example, those who deal with entrepreneurship will be united


National Assembly of Self-Government...

16:37 15.06.2018

“I would like to propose that those intellectuals who will be working on a new social contract create a National Assembly of Self-Government”


It’s time to start the process of...

14:56 15.06.2018

“If we truly want to re-establish our state, the first step is to start developing a new social contract,” Yulia Tymoshenko said during the All-Ukrainian


Let’s unite to build a new course...

14:02 15.06.2018

“I call on everyone who believes in Ukraine to put aside their differences and ambitions and unite in this historic moment for Ukraine – to


I see Ukraine as part of Western...

01:50 15.06.2018

“I see Ukraine as part of European Western civilization. I see Ukraine as a full member of the European Union and NATO, and I will


Ukraine needs an independent...

21:19 07.06.2018

“We hope we can limit Poroshenko from influencing the formation of the court manually, contrary to the adopted law”