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I congratulate Ukraine on the creation of...

19:12 15.12.2018

“The Ukrainian nation has been endeavoring this event for centuries”


We are one step away from having a single...

12:58 15.12.2018

“Let us pray to the Lord for the success of unification and peace in Ukraine”


Absolute power in the hands of the...

14:24 14.12.2018

“A national referendum is needed to adopt a new Constitution that will allow to eliminate the clan-oligarchic model of the country's administration and transition to


We demand explanations from the President...

13:16 14.12.2018

“The President of Ukraine asked the Verkhovna Rada for martial law and he got it. But what was this time spent on? What has been


The Budapest format, a strong army and...

01:38 14.12.2018

“Immediately after the inauguration, I plan to initiate negotiations in the Budapest format and put those countries at the negotiating table that in 1994 gave


We will reduce the price of gas by half...

00:49 14.12.2018

"Accordingly, the tariffs for heat and hot water will be reduced, which will mean a significant reduction in utility bills"


We must rely only on ourselves to build a...

00:00 14.12.2018

“If someone tells you that everyone in the world wants Ukraine to be a strong and powerful competitor - with its land, resources and the


Poroshenko’s patriotism is false –...

15:43 12.12.2018

“After the scandal with Semochko, I would advise the president to remove any mention of the army from his billboards”


Decent wages will stop labor migration

17:11 11.12.2018

“We will make decent salaries and pensions, make Ukrainian families solvent, or we will be uncompetitive, we will not have an internal market of sale,


Contract army, NATO and Budapest Plus are...

16:56 11.12.2018

“One of the elements of our strength is a modern army without corruption, and the new government will direct at least 3% of GDP to