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Yulia Tymoshenko meets with Kurt Volker

10:10 26.07.2019

The parties discussed the situation in Ukraine, in particular, the results of the early parliamentary elections, the potential for reform, the fight against corruption


I offer my condolences to the family and...

14:45 22.07.2019

Viktor Lavrentiy Musiyaka, politician, lawyers, public figure, has died. He was one of those people who was a lawyer by calling. He wasn’t a very


We are entering the Verkhovna Rada and...

21:38 21.07.2019

"Batkivshchyna will successfully enter the new parliament. We as a parties will be able to influence Ukraine's life in the next 5 years"


Today Ukraine’s future is in...

11:45 21.07.2019

"I truly believe in this chance, and think that this time around Ukraine can be reborn, it can stand on its feet and give every


My job is to serve people: I dream to see...

23:11 19.07.2019

"Only if our team wins the elections will we be able to put our work into practice, and this will allow us to use our


We’ll show people results...

20:30 19.07.2019

"If we, together with the new President, elect a professional parliament, government and prime minister, then we will be able to unite new faces and


We propose 8 bills for the first 100 hours...

14:37 19.07.2019

"In a parliament with a strong representation of Batkivshchyna, we propose a plan of 8 bills for the first 100 hours"


New Rada should meet soon after the...

22:33 18.07.2019

"We should be prepared for the first working day of the parliament and the new government. And once the people's deputies receive their mandates, a


Batkivshchyna will make changes in the...

20:56 18.07.2019

"A strong parliamentary coalition with Batkivshchyna is needed because we can help new politicians understand a lot of important issues. This coalition should be formed


Reducing tariffs for people is a test for...

19:57 18.07.2019

The issue of lowering tariffs is a big test for the new President. He needs to understand why Ukrainian gas is sold at inflated tariffs,