16:28 12.09.2015

After the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, which came at the price of the lives of the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, we must do everything to prevent the usurpation of power. Providing civil society with broad rights to control the government will provide reliable body armor for Ukrainian democracy. We will not allow politicians to again remove citizens from management of the country.

We must pass legislation mandating that the president’s office, government, every ministry and agency have an independent public councils with veto power to stop any corrupt decisions or acts that violate human rights. These independent public councils will include leading experts and public figures.

E-government is an important part of the road to European standards in Ukraine and will allow the government to take into account public opinion in real time. All services and information will be available online for free or a small fee, as in the USA and EU. New technologies and mobile communication standards will promote the devel e-government.

Batkivshchyna will also demand that the president, MPs and judges who help officials avoid responsibility for corruption and crime, lose their immunity.

Our party wants a law that would allow for the impeachment of the president and MPs to prevent a repeat of what happened with Yanukovych and his gross violations of the Ukrainian constitution.

Batkivshchyna supports the bill on transparency of party financing, as one of the main demands of civil society. This law would let citizens know who is behind every political party.