Let us honor the memory of the immortal Ukrainian Cyborgs!

14:46 16.01.2019

"We bow our heads in sorrow for our dead heroes and thank them that Ukraine has survived at the price of their lives"


Obtaining the patriarchy will complete the process of creating a single local church

13:08 15.01.2019

“An independent local Orthodox Church with a Tomos is our important achievement. But this is not the end of the process”


Budapest+, contract army, NATO and elimination of corruption will stop the war in Ukraine

11:32 15.01.2019

“In 4.5 years of the war at the diplomatic level Ukraine has never raised the issue of the guarantees of the Budapest memorandum signed by the United States, Britain, Russia and Ukraine after we voluntarily


New Constitution and economic course are the first steps of our plan to restore the country

09:46 15.01.2019

“The first thing that the new Ukrainian president should do after the election is start a national referendum on the adoption of a new Constitution that will destroy the clan-oligarchic system of governance of the


The new Constitution of Ukraine will become the embodiment of a Social Contract

13:32 14.01.2019

“The new Social Contract is a strategy for hundreds of years ahead, and we as politicians will participate in the political part”

I thank Filaret for his service to the state and its people

15:51 09.01.2019

"Without his hard work and love for Ukraine, the Tomos would still be an impossible dream"


The Lord blessed Ukraine for victory and peace

14:09 07.01.2019

"Today all Ukrainians thank the Lord for helping us withstand the struggle for faith, the truth and Ukraine"


Merry Christmas!

20:39 06.01.2019

“With all my heart I wish you warmth, success, prosperity, victories and great human happiness!”