Terrorizing of Batkivshchyna has reached new heights – this is unacceptable!

12:39 17.07.2018

“The terror against our political structure has reached new heights. Full-scale political repression has returned to Ukraine”


Congratulations on the anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty!

16:56 16.07.2018

«On July 16, 1990, 28 years ago, we declared openly for the first time: the Ukrainian nation exists, the Ukrainian people exist, Ukraine will be an independent state!»


A correct peace strategy and strong Ukrainian army – this is how we will return peace

16:04 11.07.2018

“Today we would like to talk with you about the challenges the country faces in building a strong army with soldiers that have everything they need”


Yulia Tymoshenko meets with ICG President Robert Malley

19:11 10.07.2018

They discussed the situation in East Ukraine and how to stop the military conflict in the region.

Yulia Tymoshenko pays her final respects to Levko Lukianenko

19:10 10.07.2018

“For me Levko Lukianenko embodied the highest standard of morality in politics. I am grateful to have known him and called him my colleague”.


The EU and NATO are important vectors, but we have to rely on our own strengths

10:21 10.07.2018

“Ukraine is part of Western European civilization, and we, as the Ukrainian people, have long sought to be part of the European Union, and Batkivshchyna supports this too”


A new Constitution will give Ukrainians the right to really manage the country

10:16 10.07.2018

“Today we should be thinking about how to change the rules and conditions of our life, and that is why we are talking about a new Constitution as a new social contract between people”


Budapest format, more sanctions and a strong army – this is what will return peace to Ukraine

08:16 10.07.2018

“When I meet with senior American and British officials, I ask them why the Budapest memorandum was excluded from the negotiation process. Countries that guaranteed to protect Ukraine should not allow a military invasion of