Tax lagoons, slavery of land owners and surveillance of citizens are unacceptable!

15:55 21.05.2018

“We counted 8 lobbied bills that contain corruption, abuse and actions against the national interests of Ukraine”


We must prevent the artificial escalation of war in the East in the interest of the president

15:14 21.05.2018

“The president could use the declaration of martial law to prevent a presidential election. We need to be vigilant and prevent an artificial escalation of the war in East Ukraine in the political interest of


We will protect the election results from the president-controlled CEC (VIDEO)

14:58 21.05.2018

“The president should no longer expect the CEC will falsify elections for him. Over the last four years, the Batkivshchyna team has built in each polling station a real fortress of people dedicated to Ukraine,


Our fundamental demands: independent anti-corruption court and NABU auditor

13:56 21.05.2018

“We studied all the recommendations of the Venice Commission regarding the draft law on the Anti-Corruption Court and we made revisions that will make the court independent of the president”.


Attention needed to critical situation with procurement of medicines (VIDEO)

13:00 21.05.2018

“I appeal to all faction leaders, we need to stop this situation where we have to pay funds from the state budget 20 months in advance for medicines and then we are supplied poor quality


There were no grounds for the government to devalue the hryvnia by 3.3 times

10:19 16.05.2018

”I can firmly say that there were no grounds when the rate was 8 hryvnias to the dollar for the value of the national currency to decrease by 3.3 times”


Emigration is reaching critical levels – we must improve living standards

02:13 16.05.2018

“Emigration and the drain of professional and skilled labor from Ukraine is reaching critical levels. According to various estimates, from 6 to 6.5 million Ukrainians have left the country in search of work and that's


Yulia Tymoshenko meets with delegation headed by Belgian politician Miet Smet

23:48 15.05.2018

“I am happy to welcome you to Ukraine. You are great friends who have always been at our side in the most difficult times and continue to help our country today”