We signed a memorandum of cooperation to protect IDPs

23:10 20.06.2019

"Our goal is to agree on how to actualize all draft laws in the new parliament. The road to peace, the restoration of territorial integrity and a normal life in Ukraine should begin with a


We submitted documents to the CEC: we have a strong team and a clear plan

22:05 19.06.2019

"Our goal is to enter parliament, join a 'coalition of action,' and on the basis of the New Course for Ukraine revive the country through strong new political forces in the parliament. We believe that


Groysman-Poroshenko government is a corrupt system that should be broken

01:25 19.06.2019

"The standard of living has fallen sharply over the past 5 years. The minimum pension in the last 5 years dropped from $112 to $52. And the minimum subsistence level of $139 at the beginning


Decentralization by the Groysman government brought ‘three non-freedoms’ for communities

23:43 18.06.2019

"Communities should have three freedoms, but they are not being fulfilled today. First, communities should freely receive their own and fixed taxes. But today communities practically do not dispose of their own revenues. What kind


A new gas transit contract has not been concluded because the government wants to bankrupt the GTS

21:22 18.06.2019

"The government should have started the negotiation process a year before the contract for the transit of Russian gas to Europe ended. The contract has ended but negotiations have not started yet"


The 2020 budget can be a breakthrough for people – we are ready to work on it

16:13 18.06.2019

"I appeal to President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team - analysts, financiers, economists, lawyers - to immediately join the budget process as the guarantor of the Constitution, otherwise we will get a budget for 2020


New heads of the GPU and SBU should be appointed – otherwise corrupt officials will enter the new VRU

13:52 18.06.2019

"I appeal to the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada to ask the President to nominate candidates for the posts of heads of the GPU and the SBU, and I appeal


DBR and NABU should investigate the hidden privatization of Ukrainian GTS

13:47 18.06.2019

"I am making a public statement, which is also my official deputy appeal, that the State Bureau of Investigations (DBR) and National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) investigate why the absolutely profitable and successful structure