A new economic course – solutions not slogans

13:01 17.09.2018

“Ukrainians will be wealthy and Ukraine will be strong. This is the New Economic Course, and I am certain of its success”


I invite young leaders to join the New Course for Ukraine

16:46 15.09.2018

They discussed the situation in the East, Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations, and reforms necessary for the revival of the state.


Yulia Tymoshenko meets with Atlantic Council delegation

15:16 15.09.2018

They discussed the political, social and economic situation in Ukraine, as well as the country's European integration and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.


A new economic course – only on the basis of a new Constitution and effective management

14:20 15.09.2018

“We want to propose a way and construct a strong plan for reforming the country's system of governance”


We need peace, but not at the cost of Ukraine’s capitulation

13:16 15.09.2018

“Ukraine should not be offered ways that one way or another make part of the territories either semi-Ukrainian or vice versa - integrated into Ukraine, but entirely subordinate to the aggressor country”


Ukraine’s future is in the EU, it’s security is in NATO

10:21 15.09.2018

“I see the future of Ukraine in a united European family, and Ukraine should become a full member of NATO”


Yulia Tymoshenko meets with Kurt Volker

20:11 14.09.2018

They discussed the situation in Ukraine, in particular Russia's military aggression in East Ukraine, possible ways to end the war and achieve sustainable peace in Donbas


Yulia Tymoshenko meets with Wolfgang Ischinger

20:05 14.09.2018

“The authorities in Ukraine are uncontrollable and irresponsible. All resources and financial flows are concentrated in the hands of one person who can do everything they desire”