A new social contract and correct course for the country are our top priorities

12:53 05.07.2018

Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko believes the current 1996 Constitution does not protect the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine and therefore Batkivshchyna together with civil society are starting the debate on a new social contract and re-establishment of the country.

“The current Constitution of 1996 in a big contract between big clans and the government’s puppets. People did not participate in the creation of this contract and today are detached from the process of governing the country. Therefore, the time has come for a new social contract,” Yulia Tymoshenko said on the program “Good Morning, Country!”

According to the politician, the key article of the Constitution stating that the people are the only source of power “is not being implemented.”

“A new Constitution will transfer power form the oligarchy to the people, and instead of bloody revolutions they will be able to hold referendums and early elections,” the parliamentarian said.

The head of the Batkivshchyna faction added that these should not be cosmetic changes and that people should create the constitution for themselves from scratch.

“That is why Batkivshchyna and civil society started this process of creating a new social contract. The time has come after 27 years of independence to understand that the current Constitution was manipulated by all the presidents to protect their interests and those of clans. As long as it remains we will not be able to break the current system of power and build a new Ukraine,” she added.

The parliamentarian also added that Batkivshchyna has offered society fundamentally new changes as part of its new course for the country, in particular a new economic policy.

“We have to change the tax and monetary system so that the middle class – small and medium businesses – is strong and has open opportunities. Ukraine needs a new innovative course of development,” the Batkivshchyna leader said.

According to the politician, it is time to restore social justice, which means decent wages, jobs, proper utility tariffs, good health care and education. She also stressed that one of Batkivshchyna’s main positions is for a peace strategy in Donbas and return of Crimea to the jurisdiction of Ukraine.

“We have to remove corruption in the war and hold strong negotiations with the desire to establish peace,” the politician said.