Batkivshchyna is 20 years old!

18:05 09.07.2019


Today is a special day for me. And not because in a few days there will be decisive parliamentary elections. That goes without saying…This day is important because the Batkivshchyna Party is 20 years old!

The party was born when Ukraine was only 7 years old – just a child…

Today Ukraine has grown up and matured. And despite fighting a war and suffering, she survived, didn’t break and did’t give up. And in part thanks to you, my fellow party members, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues! Because all these years, in the morning and evening, in the heat and in the cold, when came out to the squares when necessary, spent sleepless nights defending, caring and fighting for the country and calling others to follow. You didn’t pity yourself, you didn’t stay silent, you didn’t grow tired.

You didn’t just watch history, you created it.

What is twenty years in history? Almost nothing, just a second. But for us, for our team, for our country this was an era of Courage, Honor, Dignity! We know these concepts not from books, but from our own hearts, our own experience and our own lives.

Unlike others, we’re not a fashionable new political project made for the elections. Our party’s DNA has all the pain, the worries and the experiences of independent Ukraine. We are a real political force that grew up together with our country and will always stand in support of its interests.

They say that political parties grow old, like ideas… Yes, I agree, this is a natural process. I’ll tell you more: even people grow old… Twenty years is a lot for a person… But our hearts and our souls never get old. Because we are real, we are courageous, we are the best!

I congratulate all of you, my wonderful and dearest people, on this holiday! I thank you for your work, for your honesty.

I bow to you, the iron people of the iron Batkivshchyna Party. I am also eternally grateful to the people who all these years voted for our party. Your trust is priceless! We will make a statement together – a statement of victory!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Batkivshchyna!

Yulia Tymoshenko