Budapest+, contract army, NATO and elimination of corruption will stop the war in Ukraine

11:32 15.01.2019

Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko is convinced that to end the war in Ukraine and return the occupied territories – Donbas and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea – the new president of Ukraine should initiate the negotiation process within the framework of the Budapest memorandum, as well as ensure the creation of a strong and well-equipped contract army and eliminate the corruption component in the war.

“In 4.5 years of the war at the diplomatic level Ukraine has never raised the issue of the guarantees of the Budapest memorandum signed by the United States, Britain, Russia and Ukraine after we voluntarily renounced our nuclear weapons. This means that we are not relying on international law and instead are engaging in some kind of unprofessional backstage activity. If Ukraine rigorously and categorically raised the issue of the guarantees of the Budapest memorandum and launched a proper negotiation process, we would have peace today,” Yulia Tymoshenko said during the program “Svoboda Slova” on ICTV.


According to the politician, diplomatic negotiations are being “conducted with puppets – representatives of the so-called DNR and LNR,” while Ukraine has in its hands “the only legal international document that gives us the right to demand certain actions from the guarantors.”

The parliamentarian also stressed that it is also important to ensure the formation of a strong Ukrainian army, which will also be an important component in establishing peace in Ukraine.

“The army should be strong and equipped with modern equipment, not the scraps that come from the current president’s factories. We will change this shameful situation,” she said, stressing that today the war has become a “brutal and profitable business, and a screen to cover up the state of affairs in the economy and the social sphere.”

Yulia Tymoshenko also emphasized the importance of Ukraine’s accession to NATO as a powerful system of collective security, and also emphasized that the Batkivshchyna team, together with experts on the basis of the created war cabinet, is working on a new contract for servicemen.

“Thousands of troops have teamed up to develop a new contract for the Ukrainian army, which will provide a decent living system for Ukrainian military personnel. And after the change of power, a new contract for the military will be adopted by law,” she stressed.