Changes require a strong team, a strategy and cooperation

08:58 24.05.2019

Batkivshchyna Party Leader Yulia Tymoshenko says that the destruction of the system of clan control of Ukraine requires the consolidation of society and responsible politicians.

“Besides good intentions, Ukraine needs a strong, professional and dedicated team. Direct cooperation between the new authorities and society is the way forward,” Yulia Tymoshenko said on the program “Right to Power” on channel 1+1.


According to the politician, it’s important at this point to choose the proper strategy of development for Ukraine and take the first steps that are important for society. That is why the Batkivshchyna team has developed a package of laws that will allow Ukrainians to feel qualitative changes in the near future. The first is to lower the price of gas for the population.

“I have in my hands a draft decree on vetoing two resolutions by the Groysman government on the unjustified increase in the price of gas. We have a unique opportunity to change the situation within a few days,” she said.

Yulia Tymoshenko added that the President has the right to form the NERC and influence the fair setting of tariffs. A law must also be passed to transfer Ukrainian gas to the budget sector and population.

The politician noted that representatives of the former government are opposing changes by the new authorities. As an example, she noted that despite the agreement between the new President and leaders of parliamentary factions, the Verkhovna Rada failed to support the presidential draft law on a new electoral system.

“Every time, under good intentions and slogans, decisions are made that contradict justice and the Constitution of Ukraine. And I’m sorry that for the next 5 years the Verkhovna Rada will be elected by the old electoral system,” she said, adding that only 92 people’s deputies, including Batkivshchyna deputies, supported the inclusion of the relevant document in the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada.

She said that most deputies “are doing everything so that early elections are not held.”

“In my opinion, the Verkhovna Rada is doing everything to ensure, firstly, that the powers of the parliament are not terminated ahead of time, and secondly, to demonstrate that the new President’s initiative failed. It shows that this parliament should not exist,” she stressed.

Yulia Tymoshenko also noted that an important component of the parliamentary election law is the formation of a majority and selection of the prime minister of Ukraine.

“In parliamentary elections, by electing a party people immediately choose a prime minister, who is at the top of the list. Society has to take advantage of this second opportunity – to select a majority in parliament and the next prime minister,” said the politician.