“Chernobyl” is a chronicle of horror and pain

20:45 05.06.2019

The series is a masterpiece. It is true, creepy, terrible. A few friends told me that they haven’t been able to watch the next episode. They are still in pain and shock from what they saw, from the awareness of the catastrophe the happened so near to them. How close we were to destruction…

Yesterday the American television network HBO and British Sky showed the fifth and last episode of the TV series “Chernobyl.”

…In my youth I went to the cinema to see one of the first horror films being shown at the time – Japanese director Junju Kurata’s “The Legend of the Dinosaur.” It was a very scary movie. After seeing it I was even afraid to walk home at night.

We became adults and it turned out that the toy dinosaurs from the film aren’t scary at all. People are scary. People with power. People who make terrible and irreversible decisions – either through their own ignorance, or consciously, in fear of the dogma of ideology and the political regime …

Chernobyl was the Ukrainian apocalypse of the twentieth century. It is a chronicle of horror and pain.

“And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters…”

“Chernobyl” has bypassed “Game of Thrones” by viewer numbers. These are completely different genres. But they are both about the struggle of human good and absolute bottomless evil. Both show the existential depth of man, its spectrum and counterpoint, from incredible self-sacrifice to profound unity and spiritual poverty. It is not about the “peaceful atom,” that came out of man’s control as the man himself …

This is also about Ukraine. It is a side story and a reminder of a nation that has suffered as much disaster and trouble in its history, which seems to have completely exhausted all the resources of failures, defeats, tragedies… Everyone should watch this series. Teachers should show it to their students, at least in high school.

Watching the end of this series I want to think that we Ukrainians have completed our painful path and ahead of us, in spite of everything, is luck, success and a great, strong, peaceful, beautiful Ukraine. Let it be so!

Today is World Environment Day. Let’s protect our planet. It’s the only one we have. “Never again!” is also about Chernobyl …

Yulia Tymoshenko