Condolences over the death of Levko Lukianenko

20:45 07.07.2018

We have lost Levko Lukianenko – a giant of the national independence movement, a wise and strong politician. They don’t make men like him anymore, they say in sad cases like this…

He fought for Ukraine’s freedom, survived prisons, a death sentence, camps… He lived through all these tortures for the sake of our country, the sake of our nation. People like him laid the foundations of our dream of statehood back when there was little hope of Ukraine being liberated from Soviet domination.

This struggle was the meaning of his life. Honor and dignity were his main principles.

The Sixtiers, Ukrainian Helsinki Group, creation of the first democratic parties… To some extent, the history of Ukraine over the last half century and biography of Levko Lukianenko are almost the same.

The huge reward for his resilience and courage was the authorship of the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine. He wrote this historical text and once showed me the notebook in which he wrote it on August 24, 1991.

For me Levko Lukianenko embodied the highest standard of morality in politics. I am grateful to have known him and called him my colleague.

We miss you, remember you, thank you for what you did!

Heroes do not die!

Yulia Tymoshenko