Congratulations to the winners of the Petro Yatsyk competition!

18:45 16.05.2019

A language lives when it is spoken.

Today the winners of the Petro Yatsyk Ukrainian Language Competition were awarded in Kyiv.

This event has little chance of making it into the news. Social media is filled with posts about the date of the presidential inauguration and photos from Vyshyvanka Day. But I want at least my readers to know that dozens of children from all of Ukraine received scholarships and prizes for winning the contest for knowledge of their native language.

These awards were handed out for the 19th time today. The Petro Yatsyk Competition has become the largest Ukrainian language contest, but it has remained true to its roots and atmosphere. These are enthusiasts who really love what they do.

Everything could have ended in 2010. The Yanukovych government stopped funding the Yatsyk competition. I don’t want to boast, but at the time we found the resources to pay for half of the budget of the competition. It was then that I started giving out scholarships.

Today those scholarships were awarded to 10 teachers and 7 children who had to fight for their right to know their language perfectly. In sport this would have been called “for the will to victory.” Among the winners is seventh grader Ruslan Fidyk from Kharkiv. He cannot see. Just think about that. A blind child knows Ukrainian better than those who can read and write… A total of 64 individuals received awards.

Please share this post so that together we congratulate the winners and let as many people know that our language and our children are the best in the world!

Yulia Tymoshenko