Education is the key to our future success

11:27 01.06.2019

Summer is finally here!

Traditionally, on the first day of summer Ukraine celebrates Children’s Day. In 1949 the UN made International Children’s Day a holiday in recognition that the protection of the rights, lives and health of children was a priority for modern society.

Often these concepts are interpreted formally – as the need to protect a child from family tyranny, harmful influence of the environment or social problems. But modern requirements for the protection of children are much wider. First of all, it is about creating the right conditions for a child’s development. Giving a person from their birth every opportunity for self-realization is the highest goal.

That is why in our “New Course for Ukraine” we propose starting all our strategic reforms from kindergarten and school. Spending on educational and educational programs is the most global investment we can make in our future. That is the source of our success, all our future breakthroughs and victories.

But all these program guidelines don’t mean that today we shouldn’t buy our children an ice cream and take them to the movies… Well, treat yourself too! But, don’t overindulge.

Have a nice day!

Yulia Tymoshenko