Emigration resembles escape – the state must show that it values ​​people

16:45 18.12.2018

Today the world celebrates a day, which, unfortunately, increasingly concerns Ukraine – International Migrants Day.

One million Ukrainians left Ukraine in the past year, only according to official figures of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. Another three million are ready to leave the country.

Officials like to repeat that there is nothing wrong with labor emigration. They say it is an effect of globalization, a good travel experience and a positive result of the visa-free regime with Europe.

And here I would agreed, were it not that Ukrainian emigration resembles escape. Escape from a country where people don’t have normal salaries, normal pensions, normal social guarantees, normal prospects for the future.

58.7% of the population of Ukraine have below average income, and 30.5% have income below the real living wage. We are officially the poorest country in the region and the continent. This is the real cause of catastrophic migration. Today it poses a threat to the national security of the country.

In order to stop massive migration, we must give people an alternative. Show that the state values ​​people. Create conditions for a normal, civilized, decent life in Ukraine.

And in the meantime, at least not prevent those Ukrainians who went abroad to work from feeding their families.

I want to make it clear: after the change of power, for those Ukrainians who were forced to go abroad to work, all taxes on money transfers and parcels will be canceled. We must thank them for supporting their families and the Ukrainian economy under very difficult conditions.

Yulia Tymoshenko