Good working conditions and decent pay for educators are a priority goal

16:21 05.10.2018

Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko believes the implementation of a new course for Ukraine will make it possible to fundamentally change the poor state of affairs in the field of science and education in Ukraine, and will provide an adequate level of education for Ukrainians and a decent standard of living for educators.

“I thank our educators for the diligent and hard work they do basically as volunteers – because they give all their strength, time and soul while the state does not thank them properly for their work,” Yulia Tymoshenko said at a meeting with educators in Zhytomyr.



The politician stressed that today the government does not give enough attention to providing Ukrainians with quality education and paying educators proper wages.

“Teachers in Lithuania earn five times more than in Ukraine, in Poland seven times more! In addition, 1.8 times more was spent on education in Ukraine in 2013 in currency terms than provided in the current draft state budget for 2019,” the politician said, adding that it is extremely important to immediately change the country’s priorities and “close corrupt deals in order to obtain sufficient funding for science and education.”

Yulia Tymoshenko stressed that today it is extremely important to create all conditions for the best people to work in the field of education, since without educated citizens “the country will have no future.”

“Competition for people should become a priority for the country. Science and education are top priorities for all countries that think about their future. The intelligence of a nation should be multiplied, accumulated and strengthened,” the parliamentarian said.

Yulia Tymoshenko emphasized that a new Constitution of Ukraine must be adopted in order to fundamentally change the state of affairs in Ukraine, remove the clan-oligarchic influence, and give people the proper rights and powers to really influence government.

“Legal experts, constitution experts and human rights activists have been working on a new Constitution of Ukraine for a long time. The new Constitution of Ukraine will allow to change the current situation in the country, including in the field of science and education,” the politician believes.

The head of the Batkivshchyna Party also said that one of the priorities of the New Course for Ukraine is to restore the respect and prestige of teaching.



“The whole world bases its future on knowledge, and the success and competitiveness of each nation depends on its level of education and intelligence. We must focus on education and intelligence, because without it our country has no future,” Yulia Tymoshenko said while speaking with teachers at a lyceum in Studenytsia village, Zhytomyr oblast on Teacher’s Day.