Happy Easter!

07:48 28.04.2019

My dear ones!

I congratulate you on the brightest holiday – Easter!

According to Christian tradition the week before Easter is called Great Week.

I dream that a Great age and Great times finally come to Ukraine. Times of true renewal and victories. In recent years we have felt shock, fear and pride. The time has finally come for us to be happy on our own free Land.

Because we deserve this. I pray to God to give us the strength, wisdom and dignity to live independently and happily. I want Ukraine to be successful and I dream that we remember that people come to this world to love, respect and bring good to others.

More than ever, our success today requires unity. There has been too much politics in our life recently. It divided us and sowed intolerance and anger. It split the country and pitted family members against each other. It’s time to take a rest from all this and return to a state of peace and happiness. We will succeed only when we realize that we must be united. With unity we cannot be defeated.

I am confident that we will preserve unity and overcome all the challenges that we face as a country.

I wish you all happiness, health and peace. I want us all to gather in our family circles and say kind words to each other, to support those close to us.

Spring is coming to Ukraine and it will bring new and happy times!

Happy Easter!
Yulia Tymoshenko