Happy National Flag Day!

22:14 23.08.2019

- The yellow on the Ukrainian flag is the color of golden fields, wheat, abundance, harvest. And the blue is the calm sky above your head. That’s right!

- No! Blue is the sea, and yellow is the sun above the waves. According to the laws and principles of heraldry, the national flag should be flipped. All our troubles are because our flag is “upside down” …

You’ve probably heard this discussion more than once. Restless Ukrainians can argue and worry even about the placement of colors on our flag. We are not indifferent. Because our yellow and blue flag came at a very expensive price.

Our flag is a symbol of freedom, will, strength. It is a symbol of a proud and free people!

And wherever we are, wherever our fate has thrown us, let’s look up or at the horizon. To the blue sky, or the yellow sun, to the sea, or to the wheat field … Ukraine is everywhere our symbols are. Ukraine is everywhere we are!

Happy National Flag Day, friends! Let’s be free!

Yulia Tymoshenko