I appeal to our international partners: the time has come to fulfill your guarantees to Ukraine

14:10 26.11.2018

Dear colleagues!

The history of Europe and the world tells us that the liberal policy of condoning the aggressor and his apparent appeasement does not eliminate the threat of escalation and “great war” in the world.

Today, the Russian Federation is carrying out open, unprovoked aggression against an independent Ukrainian state.

We are grateful to you for the words of moral support, but in these extraordinary circumstances we have the full right to demand from the countries of the world, from the collective global security bodies, concrete, clear, effective assistance, including military.

I appeal separately to the countries who guaranteed Ukraine security and sovereignty under the Budapest memorandum. The time has come to fulfill those guarantees.

You must understand that Putin and Russia threaten not only Ukraine. For a long time they have been a threat to Europe and the whole world order that resulted from the Second World War.

You still have time to save the world from tragedy, but this time is running out.

Yulia Tymoshenko