I believe in the great future of libraries – their need state support for their development

18:59 28.09.2018

Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko believes it is extremely important today to provide proper support for libraries and that is why the new government in Ukraine should provide an impetus for their development through a special state program.

“The development of the nation’s intelligence is the basis for the country’s future, and we will take all the right steps and strategies to raise libraries, as one of the components of the intellectual and spiritual development of the country, to the highest level. I believe that in the near future our team will have a chance to influence such processes of development of the country,” Yulia Tymoshenko said during a meeting with librarians ahead of the All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries, and congratulated all those present on their professional holiday.


According to the politician, the new government will be obliged to create a new impetus for the development of libraries with a special state program.

“We need libraries of the highest level to become the centers of research and knowledge, that is – scientific centers. But at the same time they must be properly re-equipped and employees provided additional training. We have to enter the mainstream of all new technology,” she explained.

According to her, regional libraries should become not only centers of knowledge, but also centers of communication, which “will give people a sense of being part of the developed world.”

“Therefore, the main task is to re-equip libraries, reformat their work and re-train their workers. And this should be done after the change of power. I believe in the great future of libraries,” she said.

Yulia Tymoshenko also thanked library workers for their faithful and diligent work despite the absolute lack of interest on the part of the government in the development of libraries.

“All these years in Ukraine there were no state strategies, special programs and unique decisions by the government in support of libraries. But you supported libraries with your love for what you do, devotion, responsibility, enthusiasm and exhausting work,” said the MP.

“It is thanks to you that Ukraine, while being in the top ten poorest countries, is 24th by intellectual level and 6-7th by educational level. This is the basis with which we can start moving up,” said the parliamentarian.