I congratulate journalists on their professional holiday!

20:44 06.06.2019

June 6 is Journalist Day.

Before, to become a journalist you had to read a lot, write good essays in school, submit articles to newspapers and magazines, pass difficult university entrance exams, study for five years, gain experience, do internships….

Today, to call yourself a journalist all you need is a Facebook account and to write everything you think about solving the conflict in Syria, gluten allergies, or the chances of some small town political party being elected… Then, like your own post and bingo!

Before, a journalist’s tools were a pen, typewriter, recorder, camera. Today it’s social media. They have become both tool and competitor. But it’s probably good that today we are all somewhat journalists, bloggers, experts and reporters. This makes us feel a part of history and more responsible to society, at least in theory.

Do not complain that the journalist profession has been devalued or marginalized. That’s not true! It’s become different. Today everyone has access to all kinds of information and knowledge, but I wouldn’t say the world in recent years has acquired much wisdom.

The journalist profession remains important. Today it is a job for people who KNOW HOW to WORK with INFORMATION, THINK CRITICALLY, INFLUENCE global processes by expressing their personal views. These qualities make a real journalist of great value to modern society.

And despite it all, journalists continue to have deep and sincere hearts and souls. You won’t earn a lot, actually quite the opposite. Journalism remains a calling and a reflection of character.

Thank you for your work!

Yulia Tymoshenko