I congratulate the teachers of Ukraine on their professional holiday

13:16 07.10.2018

Today is Teacher’s Day… Since Friday many warm words of thanks have been spoken to teachers, educators, mentors…

This is all very good… but it is not good that other than “warm words” Ukrainian teachers get nearly nothing… A bouquet of flowers on September first, congratulations on Teacher’s Day, “thank you” on the last day of the school year. And that’s all…

There is perhaps no other profession that is so important and yet so little rewarded as teaching. We demand that teachers educate our children, grow geniuses and talents… And yet we pay them kopecks for this.

You never think about why almost all little children want to be teachers, but when they grow up just slightly that desire disappears… Children are creatures with pure hearts and thoughts who see the nobility of the teaching profession… but very quickly they come to understand that this is an ungrateful and unpromising path that brings little financial reward… That is the attitude of modern society to teachers…

That is why I believe that educational reform is not only new textbooks and the latest methods of testing knowledge. Educational reform requires a radical change in the attitude of the state and society towards teachers, returning respect and prestige to the teaching profession. It means an increase in wages and social protection.

We strive to build a new, innovative intellectual society, but this is impossible to do without teachers. There are no successful states in which teachers live in poverty and insecurity…

Sorry for the not so festival thoughts, but this has to be said. We must remember this not only once a year, on Teacher’s Day, but always until the problem is resolved.

I congratulate the teachers of Ukraine on their professional holiday, thank them for their tireless and necessary work. I promise to do everything in my power to make your lives better and happier!


Here are a few photos from my “school archive.” It’s a pity that I do not have pictures with my first teacher, Kateryna Serhiyivna Klymenko. I am immensely grateful to you for instilling the importance of education, Kateryna Serhiyivna!

With all my heart,
Yulia Tymoshenko