Yulia Tymoshenko

I demand a stop to political repressions against our party!

11:40 21.12.2018

If someone thinks that political repression as a phenomenon in Ukraine has disappeared, they are, unfortunately, deeply mistaken.

Three days before the local elections I received a very alarming signal from the Cherkasy region.

On Friday, the regional prosecutor plans to arrest Yuriy Trenkin, the head of Batkivshchyna’s regional election office, Yevhen Scherbyn, regional head of Young Batkivshchyna, and party member Serhiy Kolomiyets, on far-fetched, legally void grounds. The notices have already been prepared and signed.

Previously, on an equally groundless basis, the head of our Cherkasy regional organization and mayor of Cherkasy, Anatoliy Bondarenko, was also accused of a crime.

According to our information, they are also bringing charges against the head of the city party organization Roman Diskant and the first deputy chairman of the regional party organization Mykhailo Mushiyek.

In the Cherkasy region there is no leader in our party structure left without the attention of the prosecutor’s office.

In a surprising coincidence, the burst of prosecutorial activity fell on the eve of the local elections. On Sunday, throughout Ukraine, elections will take place in the united territorial communities, and the overwhelming majority will be in the Cherkasy region. Voters there will elect deputies in 27 UTGs at 146 polling stations.

The government is trying to secure its victory in an anti-democratic way by beheading the regional Batkivshchyna party.

This is done on direct instructions from the Presidential Administration. They will never win the election in a fair way. I know that on December 23 the government is preparing another series of provocations – pseudo-representatives of Batkivshchyna throughout the country will allegedly bribe voters.

I appeal personally to Petro Poroshenko: stop! Do not disgrace yourself and the country! You have 4 months left in power. Accept your loss and finish out this term in dignity, like a man.

You are pulling the country back into an oligarchic past with political repressions, corruption, and nepotism. Ukraine needs to move forward!

Yulia Tymoshenko