I demand the immediate dismissal of Minister Reva

18:01 30.04.2019

In a recent BBC interview, Minister of Social Policy Reva called the residents of the so-called LDNR “filth” and then tried unconvincingly to pretend that the journalists misunderstood him.

There is the kind of hypocritical mismanagement and ignorance that, under certain conditions, becomes a threat to the national interest. And this is such a case. Because the minister’s statement is not a case of personal stupidity, but the position of an official government structure. A structure that is designed to protect the citizens of Ukraine and care about their interests.

This minister made similar remarkable statements in the past, but this one crossed all moral boundaries. There is a saying that what the sober person thinks the drunk says. In this case, what the authorities think is what Reva says.

I want to remind you that this government, whose days are coming to an end, lost the confidence of its citizens and lost the recent election. In part because of the policy expressed by this minister – a policy of deliberate division of Ukrainian society.

And instead of keeping silent and repenting, they continue to divide the country, divide people into categories, incite discord and hatred. This is no longer controversy, it is a crime against the Ukrainian state, one that should he punished.

I want to remind the minister and the authorities that there are CITIZENS OF UKRAINE living in the so-called LDNR, people who became hostages and prisoners in their own homes. They need our protection, help and understanding. The are sometimes deceived and misled, but they are Ukrainians! And this is an imperative from which we can not retreat by even a step.

If we want to return Donbas and Crimea we have to think first about the people that live there. Because Ukaine is not just a territory on a map, like it says on the billboards of Reva’s leader – Prime Minister Groysman. Ukraine is Ukrainians, with their problems, pain, and pleas for help.

I demand that Minister Reva be dismissed immediately. The government should officially apologize to all Ukrainians and law enforcement should respond properly to similar statements.

Yulia Tymoshenko