I urge the public to be vigilant – the authorities plan to distort the elections

17:00 09.03.2019

Yulia Tymoshenko, presidential candidate and Batkivshchyna Party Leader, has urged Ukrainians to be vigilant and not fall for election manipulations and technologies by unscrupulous candidates.

“Unfortunately, the clan and deeply rotten system in Ukraine based on monopoly and oligarchy hasn’t changed since the history of Independence. A big battle is on for Ukraine for the first time in 28 years to stand strong,” Yulia Tymoshenko said during a meeting with Kyiv residents.


The politician said unscrupulous candidates are trying to influence society and manipulate the elections.

One deeply manipulative ptopagandist technology is President Poroshenko positioning himself as the “only patriot” and calling other candidates the “hands of the Kremlin.”

The Batkivshchyna Leader also said that the registering of 40 candidates is a scheme by the authorities.

“Nobody knows these candidates and they are not campaigning. The authorities are using administrative resources to buy and force as many votes around the President and ‘blur’ votes for other candidates,” she explained.

Another unscrupulous technology is the registration of a technical candidate with a similar name – Yuriy Volodymyrovych Tymoshenko – to take away votes from her.

She also said that the absence of numbers by the candidates’ names in the ballots can also distort the results.

Despite all this, the politician expressed hope that a new, honest, democratic government will win that will care about the interests of the nation and put the country back on its feet.