In these elections Ukrainians will elect the head of government

12:51 29.05.2019

Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko has stressed that in the elections on July 21 Ukrainians will not only elect a new parliament, but also a new prime minister.

“In the last elections people elected a new president, and in the parliamentary elections they will chose a new prime minister, because at the head of each party will be a leader, who, if the party wins and joins the coalition, can head the Cabinet,” the Batkivshchyna leader said on Ukrainian Radio.

She stressed that the new head of government will be decided based on how people vote, and not on behind-the-scenes arrangements.

“This is an important power of the people – to form the government. It will be their will and their decision,” said the politician.

As the politician noted, “if people vote for our party, then certainly I as the leader of the party could become the prime minister.”

“If the people allow us to enter parliament and form a government with a new President, we will start with changes to pensions. We will set pensions at no less than the average living wage, we will change the rate of calculation of pensions from 1 to 1.35, and we will index and update pensions. We will not allow such humiliation of our pensioners,” she said.

Yulia Tymoshenko said another step for the new prime minister will be to lower tariffs.

“This is our strategic objective and we can fix this if we win the parliamentary elections,” she added.