Let’s create a chain of unity on the 100th anniversary of our Unity – a symbol of strength and wisdom

14:44 22.12.2018

On January 22, 1919, exactly 100 years ago, epochal events took place on St. Sophia’s Square in Kyiv: for the first time in hundreds of years Ukrainians united in a single national state.

One hundred years have passed, but today we again lack unity: those who want to achieve false victories are using dirty election technologies to try to dismantle us and make as quarrel.

We were once divided into three varieties. Enough! Only a friendly and united nation has a chance at survival

On January 22 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ukrainian Unity. On this day, I propose that we go out on the street and in a sign of goodwill stand side by side and build a symbolic chain of Ukrainian unity – from Luhansk to Zakarpattia. Just as patriots did in 1990 and our grandfathers did one hundred years ago.

We must once again assert our wisdom, unity and strength for ourselves and for the world.

In these troubling times, when our state is at war and our sovereignty is again threatened, we must be one. Our unity is in our hearts and souls. Our strength is in us, Ukrainians.

Glory to Ukraine!

Yulia Tymoshenko