Lowering gas rent will allow for tariff cuts

17:41 22.06.2015

Statement by Batkivshchyna faction leader Yulia Tymoshenko on opportunities for utility tariffs to be lowered if the government decides to lower rental rates for natural gas.

“Our heated battle with the government to lower unjustified tariffs continues. The first step was taken. Eight million natural gas consumers who do not have meters received bills in June that were half the amount in May. This was the first step.

I also have some good news for you today. We achieved in getting the government to announce a reduction in rent for domestically produced natural gas. This means that during the next session week we will pass a law lowering rent for Ukrainian gas and afterward tariffs for gas, heating and hot water will be automatically reduced.

This is our second victory and I will not allow the government after rent is lowered to leave tariffs at current levels. Our struggle continues and it will be successful. Tariffs will be lowered, taxes on pensions will be removed, pensions and salaries will be indexed to inflation. After two revolutions, we will not allow the Ukrainian people to be humiliated.”