New Rada should meet soon after the elections – people are waiting for change!

22:33 18.07.2019

Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko says that after the parliamentary elections, the new Verkhovna Rada should convene quickly and start working to make changes in the country that the Ukrainian society is expecting.

“We should be prepared for the first working day of the parliament and the new government. And once the people’s deputies receive their mandates, a session should be held to formulate solutions that will bring the country back to life. That is why it is necessary to determine which first steps should be taken by the new government,” Yulia Tymoshenko said on the program “Evening Prime” on the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

The parliamentarian added that, according to the legislation, the new Verkhovna Rada should meet no later than one month after the announcement of the election results. It is difficult to predict how quickly the CEC will publicize the results, but it is likely that “the first meeting will take place in the second half of August, possibly after the 20th.”

According to the politician, society now demands the regulation of such issues as the reduction of tariffs by half, the abolition of medical reform, the increase of minimum pensions and the start of the budget process. Therefore, there is “real, systematic and hard work” ahead for the President, the government and the new Verkhovna Rada. Batkivshchyna is ready for such systemic work, and has a plan of the first steps and actions.

“We have to act immediately! I want everyone to believe that it is possible to build just and successful rules of our lives in Ukraine. And so that no one is in despair. Support Batkivshchyna, because if we are well represented in the parliament, then the new team that will lead the country will be able to work the same way,” concluded Yulia Tymoshenko.