Only a state that can defend its citizens deserves respect

20:08 12.07.2019

The news from Italy is very upsetting. Ukrainian national guardsman Vitaliy Markiv was sentenced to 24 years in prison. 24 years!!! Think about that. It’s almost a life sentence.

I won’t talk about the lack of evidence that this Ukrainian citizen committed a crime or the questionable testimony from the prosecution – this isn’t the time or place.

I just want to appeal to all the Ukrainian lawyers involved in this case, to our diplomats, to the leadership of our country, to all competent authorities and individuals.

We must urgently file all the necessary appeals of this sentence and take all the steps to free our fighter and citizen.

Only a state the defends its citizens deserves respect. Especially when it comes to a person who defended his country in the most difficult time.

Today Vitaliy Markiv said in court: “I am an ordinary soldier, a patriot who will always defend Ukraine.” Let’s make it so that Ukraine also defends its warriors.

Yulia Tymoshenko