Peace will be renewed and Donbas and Crimea returned

11:04 08.03.2019

Yulia Tymoshenko, presidential candidate and Batkivshchyna Party Leader, says that negotiations to end the war and return occupied Donbas and Crimea should be held on the basis of the guarantees of the Budapest memorandum, which President Poroshenko has never done.
“After the presidential election we need to start a real negotiation process on the basis of the international guarantees in the Budapest memoradum. I believe that after a new president will be elected, peace will be renewed and Donbas and Crimea returned to Ukraine,” Yulia Tymoshenko said on the program “Right to Power” on channel 1+1.

She said the authorities made a strategic error with the Minsk format, which “put terrorists at the negotiation table without any Ukrainian representatives from the official side.”
“Since the start of the war the current president and foreign ministry never put this issue on the agenda. Ukraine lost time, territory and lives as a result. Before Minsk-1 the count was 873 people dead and 3,000 wounded, and after 12,000 military and civilian dead and some 27,000 people wounded,” she emphasized.
Yulia Tymoshenko also noted that there have been no Minsk meetings for over a year and Normandy format in more 2.5 years, which means the negotiations have stalled.

“And when they say there is no alternative to Minsk, this means the president has no understanding of how to achieve peace,” she said.

When asked about amnesty and reconciliation, the politician said that reconciliation “should not be taken as an integral part of ending the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine.” All Ukrainians are a “single nation that was forcibly divided by war.”

“I want to state clearly: 2 million peolle in Donbas and Crimea did not run to the country of the occupier or to Europe. They came home, which refutes the claim the Donbas and Crimea were never Ukrainian. All the criminals who fought against Ukraine and killed Ukrainians should be held accountable under the laws of war,” Yulia Tymoshenko.