Poroshenko is ready to take radical and criminal steps to stay in power

22:49 09.02.2019

President Poroshenko cannot accept the fact that across the country thousands of people are coming out to my rallies to hear the truth about what is happening in the country.

Yesterday there was a provocation during my meeting with people in Bila Tserkva.

Today, with the help of the SBU, the authorities organized another provocation during a similar event in Kyiv.

Our rally in Podil was peaceful and constructive, without any excesses and scandal. Ten thousand people gathered on Kontraktova Square. Everyone who wanted to come and talk could do so without interference.

Afterwards I learned that before the rally the police had detained several people. These were hired provocateurs with weapons, to radicalize the situation in the police station.

Now they are trying to artificially link our event – a meeting with citizens of Kyiv – to the incident between activists and law enforcement.

I am convinced that all this is another special operation by the SBU, organized on direct orders from Petro Poroshenko. The methods used indicate that he is ready to take any criminal and radical steps to stay in power.

I ask you to analyze the information and understand that the authorities are organizing these scandals and provocations deliberately.

Friends, stay calm and use your head. Everything will be fine!

Yulia Tymoshenko