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The case of Nadiya Savchenko is revenge against Ukraine

20:52 29.09.2015

Batkivshchyna leader Yulia Tymoshenko believes the Ukrainian authorities have not done everything possible to secure freedom for Ukraine pilot Nadiya Savchenko, who has been unlawfully imprisoned in Russia.

“I think Ukraine’s efforts to exchange Nadiya for someone important to Russia have been weak. The are Russian prisoners who could be swapped. But those who Russia is most interested in were immediately returned after they were captured,” Yulia Tymoshenko said today on channel 112 Ukraina.

The Batkivshchyna leader called the kidnapping and criminal case against the Ukrainian pilot further demonstration of Russia’s policy of aggression against Ukraine.

“The Kremlin chose the Ukrainian pilot as an example of their brutal reprisal against Ukraine. It’s a show. There have been numerous opportunities to exchange her for Russians, but the Kremlin wants a show trial,” she added.

The Batkivshchyna leader said that her team has used all its available resources for Nadiya’s defense and is working on the international level. “PACE is getting ready to consider the issue of Ukraine. Our MPs Serhiy Vlasenko and Serhiy Sobolev are there organizing hearings on Nadiya Savchenko,” she said.

Yulia Tymoshenko said that thanks to their efforts they have secured assistance from leading western states. “We are working through European and American leaders. The whole western world is working on Nadiya’s freedom,” she said.

“We are fighting and won’t stop working for her freedom for even a minute,” the Batkivshchyna leader said.