The gas tariff increase is a crime against one’s own people

08:07 20.10.2018

Something extraordinary just happened. Poroshenko gave the command to increase the price of gas by 23.5% – almost by one quarter.

This means that gas tariffs in this heating season will be 23.5% higher, as will the price of heat. This is a real shock for most people in the country. This is another catastrophe that is pushing people into a hole of poverty that it will be very difficult to get out of.

Why did gas prices go up? Because the best Ukrainian gas reserves have already been scooped up by Poroshenko’s corrupt environment. And in the 7 months they have left in power, they want to produce as much gas from our Ukrainian deposits and put billions in their offshore accounts. At the expense of every Ukrainian family.

This must not be allowed to happen – Poroshenko cannot treat Ukrainians this way.

I therefore call on deputies of all levels to defend the people, because they were elected by the people. I urge deputies to call extraordinary sessions and appeal to President Poroshenko to cancel this criminal increase in tariffs for gas and heat.

I also call on Speaker Parubiy and deputies to call an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada to stop this. If deputies and political forces do not react, and pretend that nothing is happening, most families simply won’t survive the winter.

And in parallel they are canceling subsidies that many people received in previous years. Even if one person in the family went abroad to work, even if someone got a pension. This cancellation of subsidies is another blow to Ukrainians. I warned that this would happen, that first they would raise prices for gas and heat, and then cancel subsidies, that were simply temporary anesthesia.

I also want to say that once this government is removed through democratic elections in 7 months, I guarantee you that tariffs for gas and heat will be cut by at least half, or even more! Because this spontaneous gas price increase has crossed all boundaries. And everyone involved in this unjustified price hike will be held criminally responsible.

I am appealing directly to the president. Stop this genocide towards the Ukrainian people. Stop greedily making money on other people’s troubles.

Yulia Tymoshenko