The GTS is being undervalued before its”black market” sale

18:43 19.04.2018

Based on the most conservative estimates, the cost of building the Ukrainian gas transport system (GTS) is 300 billion euros. That’s the minimum!

And this is only the cost of the system itself. I’m not talking about the fact that for our national security the GTS is like a load-bearing wall – you can’t remove it without bringing down the whole building.
The GTS is the DNA of our national economy.

Therefore, I consider Ernst&Young’s valuation of our GTS at approximately 10 billion euros to be a deliberate and dangerous devaluation of Ukraine’s strategic resource.

I would like to see Ernst&Young build a system similar to Ukraine’s GTS for 10 billion euros… If they succeed, then Ukraine owes them a prize for the best magic trick. But this is only a thimble’s worth.

I believe the publication of an estimate of the gas transport system at 30 (!) times below it’s actual value is an attempt to brainwash Ukrainian society before the “black makret” undervalued sale of the GTS.

It seems that someone plans to turn Ukraine into their own “black market donor.” There are people in third-word countries who sell their kidneys to enter the institute or to feed their family. The attempt to give away Ukraine’s GTS is like the tragic trade of our country’s vital organ.

We are keeping a pulse on everything that these traders in power do with Ukraine’s GTS. Any move to the right or left will signal an act of treason.