The Rada wasn’t able to change the corrupt electoral system

18:53 22.05.2019

Many people are asking what happened today in the Verkhovna Rada? Let me explain.

When we met yesterday with the President and the leaders of the parliamentary factions, we agreed that there was sense in holding early parliamentary elections if the corrupt system of electing people’s deputies is fundamentally changed. And yesterday, when discussing the dissolution of parliament with the President, which our team supports, we agreed that the President will submit to the Verkhovna Rada a new law on parliamentary elections in which there will be no corruption, buckwheat bribery of voters, giving out money and bringing oligarchic clans to parliament.

The President kept his word and submitted to parliament a new law on elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

But what happened next in parliament was shameful and humiliating to watch…

An absolute majority of deputies in parliament do not want any changes. They want to present the old electoral system where they can buy their way into parliament through constituencies and use their position to increase their wealth.

After a heated battle, the new law on elections to the Verkhovna Rada received only 92 votes (including from the Batkivshchyna faction), showing that the rest don’t want any changes and a new quality of parliament.

Unfortunately, the President’s draft law on parliamentary elections did not pass.

Today it’s clear that the next parliament will be elected for five years based on the old electoral system – on the basis of corruption and bribery…

But we will do everything we can to convey the real situation to the people. If we continue to vote for money the changes that the people were expecting after the presidential election will never happen.

I believe that things will get better, and our team will continue to fight for the real changes that people are waiting for.

Yulia Tymoshenko