The vyshyvanka is a symbol of our nation’s struggle and unbreakability

15:09 16.05.2019

Today is a very beautiful day – Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Day.

Ukrainian embroidery has a very long history. I saw a shirt in Cherkasy with the pre-Aryan symbol of the sun. I’ve seen embroidery from central Africa with “Podillian motifs” and an old Indian shirt with ornaments “from Nizhyn”…

Every people, every nation, every culture has such graphic symbols of their DNA, a special “barcode.” But only in Ukraine has embroidery become the symbol of struggle, the invincibility of our nation, and tlhe desire for freedom.

Wearing an embroidered shirt was a challenge and an act of civic courage. It was a way to say that you are Ukainian.


Today almost everyone wears a vyshyvanka. Many people are outraged because they believe that corrupt people don’t have the right to disgrace our symbols…I say let them wear it.

I think that when someone wears a vyshyvanka they become slightly cleaner in their thoughts and acts. The vyshyvanka is our strength and protector! It improves our soul, softens our heart, and forces us to think about the fate of Ukraine.

I congratulate everyone on Vyshyvanka Day! Be beautiful today :) I also wore my favorite vyshyvanka to work today. The struggle continues :)

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

Yulia Tymoshenko