This government cannot protect the country

14:36 09.10.2018

They say that a system’s effectiveness is demonstrated not through errors, but the reaction to an error.

In our system there is no reaction to errors. Military ammunition depots explode regularly throughout the territory. Today there was a terrible catastrophe in Ichnia in the Chernihiv region.

Whether it’s sabotage by Russia or due to mismanagement and negligence, the fact remains: the country is not protected, no conclusions from the previous experience have been made, the guilty were not found and not punished.

You can cover election billboards with words about the army and defense capabilities, but it would be better to bring some sort of order to weapons storage and strengthen security at our depots, including by air.

What is most important right now is to evacuate people from the area of ​​this disaster and protect their lives.

Yulia Tymoshenko