Ukraine must unite around common values

23:51 20.12.2017

Batkivshchhyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko has said that never since independence has Ukraine elected a president independent of the system of clans and oligarchs that united society, making it all the more important that the next president unite Ukrainians around a proper strategy that will build a successful and prosperous country.

“We never had presidents of the east or west, but we had presidents who never fulfilled their obligations to the West and East. These were presidents of certain families and clans, supported by the West or East, or financed by a certain circle of people,” Yulia Tymoshenko said on the talk show “Ukrainian Format” on channel NewsOne.

According to the politicians, ahead of every presidential election the country is divided according to certain criteria, leaving the impression that there are Ukrainians of the East and West, North and South, and every time the presidential and parliamentary elections become a game when “before each election they try to find issues that will divide people.”

“They use polls to find issues that will divide people based on language, or allegiance to the East or West. And then the technologies kick in, when one candidate pits one part of Ukraine against another. And when the lucky winner of the post of president comes to Bankova Street, only pieces of the country remain, because everyone has his convictions, and they see their neighbor as their personal enemy. This can’t happen,” she said.

That is why the elections of the president and parliament – and the building of a “prosperous, successful country should be done once remembering the Bible: A home divided simply disappears, it ceases to exist.”

According to the politician, it is very important for the new president, who will be guided by national interests and the needs of citizens, to unite Ukrainians around a proper strategy for the country’s development.

“Our task now should be strategic: we need to look to the future, not to divide people, but to unite them around a strategic goal for the country, a unification, not a division based on homes and connections with East or West,” Yulia Tymoshenko added.