We are working with civil society on a new anti-corruption agenda

14:53 07.02.2019

Presidential candidate and Batkivshchyna Party Leader Yulia Tymoshenko has invited representatives of anti-corruption organizations to work together on a plan to combat corruption in Ukraine that the new president of Ukraine will be required to fulfill.

“I, as a candidate for President of Ukraine, advocate for deep and systemic changes in the country with regard to corruption. And if the Lord so decides, then I will follow the menu provided by experts in the field. So I urge your team: let’s write such a menu for the new President,” Yulia Tymoshenko said at a meeting with representatives of the Anti-corruption Agenda Movement that unites 23 anti-corruption organizations.


The parliamentarian asked for proposed laws that will help improve the situation, and stressed that the President can submit anti-corruption laws and insist that parliament consider them.

“I will make a written commitment and compile a list of priority draft laws,” said the head of the Batkivshchyna faction.

Yulia Tymoshenko said the key problem is that all regulatory bodies in Ukraine are “sewn into the branches of government they must control,” and without separation there will be no results. In her opinion, the only solution is the adoption of a New Constitution developed by leading experts of Ukraine.

“We want to present a holistic system that can be adopted as the new Constitution of Ukraine. This is the answer to how we can build a model that will prevent corruption,” she said.

“The new Constitution provides new checks and balances, it is a new system of control in all its dimensions – from the executive, legislature and judiciary – and the inclusion of civil society in the management of the country,” Yulia Tymoshenko concluded.