We demand a commission be formed to investigate corruption by Poroshenko in the defense sector

11:28 12.03.2019

The Batkivshchyna faction wants a commission established to investigate corruption in the defense industry by President Petro Poroshenko and his inner circle.

During her speech in parliament, Batkivshchyna Leader Yulia Tymoshenko said that journalists have uncovered millions in deals involving the supply of poor quality and unsuitable spare parts from Russia at inflated prices where budget funds were “laundered and divided among the President’s corrupt environment.”

Batkivshchyna is demanding that a commission be formed because there has not been a proper reaction by parliament and power structures to the reports.

“Journalists released more information yesterday with additional details that the leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office and Security Service were involved in the machinations, received bribes and kickbacks. This is shocking information and today it is being silenced by the Verkhovna Rada,” the parliamentarian said.

A break was called after her speech to discuss the formation of a commission with the leaders of parliamentary factions.